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Hello! I am a second year student, currently signed up for three third year classes! I was wondering if the difference between second and third year classes is super killer, and if it’s a bad idea to jump ahead like that. Thanks!


hey there,

it depends on the classes. also, do you mean three third year classes as in 1.5 FCEs, or 3.0? either way, that’s…pretty ambitious.

the major difference between second and third year is that there are (usually) no tutorials. no tutorials, but the same amount of class time. that means the pace is twice as fast, and you have no opportunity to hash things out in a tutorial environment the way you might be used to.

if you’re a science student, it might be a bit easier. if you’ve already completed the prerequisites and done well in them, then presumably you have the knowledge base necessary to go ahead in those classes. however, it will still move more quickly, and the tests and examinations tend to be less multiple choice and more involved and analytical. if you haven’t been transitioned into that, it could be a harsh shock.

ultimately, some people can handle it, and some can’t. you kind of have to be honest with yourself about how well you did in first year and how much work you’re comfortable with. if you do that, i think you’re going to make the right decision for you.



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