first years getting ahead of themselves

Hey aska! I am going into first year in September and am planning to do a criminology major in second year. They require 2 FCE’s in ECO/POL/HIS/PHL/SOC/PSY so I plan to take SOC100Y and PSY101H and PSY220H in first year. I was wondering: it is advisable to take a second year course in first year? Will it be too much of a reach in terms of difficulty? As well, what are the chances I even get into that course sinceΒ I’m not in its enrollment category? Should I have a backup plan (I hate backup plans)?

Thanks so much for answering my question! Have a great day. πŸ™‚


hey there,

learn to love backup plans, my friend. uoft course enrolment is a messy affair, and even if you’re in the enrolment category, it’s possible – maybe even likely – that you won’t end up in all the courses you want.

you have a chance getting into a course if you’re not in the enrolment category, but i don’t know how good that chance is. it all depends on the popularity of the course and the number of total spaces in the course (which you can see on ROSI). psych courses tend to be pretty popular generally speaking, but there are two lecture sections for PSY220H1, so i wouldn’t give up yet.

regardless, i would come up with a Plan B just in case. better to have one and not use it than the other way around – i know that from personal experience.*

as to whether you should even take the class: the difference between 100-level and 200-level classes is not huge. if you take PSY100H1 in first semester and do well, then you’re okay to take PSY220H1 in second semester. since one is a prereq of the other, it only makes sense to take them consecutively.



* *war flashbacks*

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