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grade 11 is just a void in everyone’s mind

Does u of t st george look at gr 11 marks for conditional acceptance ?


hey there,

you’re about four months early for this. people were throwing this question at me left, right and centre in october of last year. but hey, i’m never one to criticize an early bird. i am one to complain about them, though. complaining’s my speciality, doncha know.

but okay: you’re nervous, you want to know what you’re getting yourself into before you get into it. fair enough. the most succinct answer to this question is: sometimes (or, in uoft’s phraseology: “[s]econdary school applicants with strong midyear results may be admitted on condition that they complete their academic year successfully,” ‘may’ being the tricky/operative word here).

they look at what they can get, and if you’re applying quite early on in the year (you haven’t even finished the first semester of grade 12, say) then they may consider your grade 11 marks for early admission. later on, they may also consider them in conjunction with your grade 12 marks.

HOWEVER i can’t say how important grade 11 marks are in your overall application, how they will stack up compared to everyone else applying, how important they are versus your grade 12 marks, etc. etc. so DON’T ASK. please.

point is this: if you’re not finished grade 11 yet, do your best, because it does matter. but if you’ve already finished and are heading into grade 12, don’t worry, because your grade 12 marks also matter and can help boost your chances. ultimately, the final admission decision is based on your top six 4U/M marks, so if your grade 11 marks were less than awesome, make sure you do everything you can to get those ones up to scratch.

best of luck with your last stretch of high school,


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