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Hi Aska,

First of all, your website is AMAZING! I’ve learned a lot and I don’t feel as worried anymore about studying at St. George πŸ™‚

I have a few questions for you though, that I couldn’t find on the site…

1) I’m going to be living in Annesley Hall, which is apparently near Queen’s Park. I read online/heard from friends that it’s really dangerous there. Is that true? Should I just stay away from the park? What are the places considered dangerous near and around the university?

2) What are the professors and classes like? I’m going to be an exchange student from a really small school, so we know all our professors and mostΒ of our professors know us. It’s pretty easy to get good grades too, as long as you do your homework… I know UofT is a really competitive school, and
the classes are large, as well. Do the professors care at all about the students? Also, do people have laptops or do they write notes?

3) I know this is a stupid question, but is Annesley Hall really haunted? I’m honestly kinda worried because I’m going to be in a single room… lol

Thank you so much!
Worrywart πŸ˜‰


hey there,

i’m so glad i’ve been able to make you feel less anxious! that’s askastudent’s highest ambition. though, don’t push it. you don’t want to be so relaxed you sleep right through your first class. that’s too much.

1) annesley Hall is just north of Queen’s Park, which, yes, can sometimes have not-so-friendly visitors at night. however, i wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s regularly or significantly unsafe.

if you take some safety precautions, you should be alright. if you can, travel with at least one other person at night. if you’re warned not to cross Queen’s Park one night, then?don’t. and if you have a late class and have to walk alone, make sure you have your cell phone with campus police’s numberΒ on it. walksmart is also a great resource.

2) it depends on the program, but most first-year classes are really big. you probably won’t get to know any profs personally until third year, maybe second year. BUT most huge first-year courses have tutorials, and if you attend them (which you should), you’ll get to know your TA really well. you’ll be in a class of typically under 50 students, and your TA will make a special effort to make themselves available to you should you have questions.

also, many first years take at least one seminar course, and in some cases it’s even required. those classes are very small and typically include a lot group discussion. they’re a great way to interact directly with a prof.

3) well, when i Googled “annesley hall haunted” the only results i got were about this place in nottinghamshire (which is possibly the most English name i’ve ever heard). there aren’t even any mischievous redditors spreading information about annesley’s haunted reputation, which is a good sign.

honestly, if you’re worried about sleeping alone/away from home, residence is the best place to get acclimated. you’ll sleep on a floor full of your peers and a don qualified to deal with all sorts of emergencies. if you ask them to face-off with a poltergeist, they’ll do it.

or you can turn the tables and get the ghosts on your side. then you can become the MONARCH of an awesome UNDEAD ARMY. WHOO.




  • Z

    In the early 1900s, there was reputedly a fire at Annesley Hall where four music students (one a violinist) were trapped in the basement where they were practicing. They did not survive. There’s a rumor that you can occasionally hear faint strains of violin music…

  • Clarice

    I used walksmart for my 6-9pm class, in which I had to cross queen’s park to get back to my res, just because I didn’t feel very safe, and yes if not for them, I would have been alone – very useful, very good. Don’t be embarrassed about using it (those walking you have jackets that make it obvious that they’re from ws). Made friends with my walksmart buddies πŸ™‚ Good luck for next year.

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