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Dear askastudent,

Google and the terrible UofT website have been able to answer the majority of my questions but unfortunately not these ones. That is, however, where you come in.

– Will my OSAP cover the first payment on my residence or will I have to take care of business myself?

– Whilst applying for Victoria College I checked off my interest in residence. If I (And I will so this is a non-issue) fail to get into Vic will I have to confirm my interest in residence at all the other colleges I may end up in? I like to deal with things as pre-emptively as possible, to prevent future issues and so if I could deal with this now it would be best.

Thank you very much for your time wise askastudent. Have an excellent, fun filled evening.

The Muscles Champ


hey there Muscles Champ,

*huffs* how dare you call the uoft website TERRIBLE? terrible, with its circuitous, illogical tangents and constantly moving web pages? nonsense! it’s not terrible, it’s?magical.

1) it all depends. apply for OSAP, and when they release an estimate of how much aid you’re eligible for (that’s fancy talk for how much money you’re likely to get), they’ll tell you the dates that each instalment will be released.

then you just have to figure out when your residence fees are due, and do the math. and then you can, as you said,?take?care of business, whatever the case may be.

2) nahh.

basically how it works is that, if you’re interested in residence, you do everything through a myres application. you’ll have to indicate your initial interest in residence through myres by march 31st.

then, once you’ve been accepted to uoft and given your college placement, you’ll log into myres again. at that point, myres will recognize which college you’re a part of, and they’ll only list residence options that are available to you. so if you get into vic, you might?be given vic residence and chestnut (which is not affiliated with any college), for example.

i hope you also have an excellent, fun filled evening, Muscles Champ. and thanks for the kind wishes.



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