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What do you think the GPA required will be to transfer from UTSC to St. George after first year for computer science. I know they say you usually need a minimum of a 2.5GPA, but computer science is a competitive program. So would it be something like a 3.0 or 3.5 or 4.0GPA?



hey there,

another day, another ‘what GPA do i need for x thing’ question. another chance to disappoint people with vague and unsatisfying answers.

i don’t know what the GPA will be, because computer science doesn’t know what the GPA will be. it all kinda depends on how other people who applied to transfer did, how the kids currently in the program at utsg are doing, etc.

to transfer in general, you need a ‘B’ average. however, if you want to get into computer science after first year, you’ll need to meet the downtown campus’ requirements for the program, which you can find here. so make sure you do as well as possible in CSC148H3 and any other comp. sci courses you take.

if you want more specific information and/or you want to make sure you’re taking all the courses necessary to transfer, feel free to have a chat with the computer science department at utsg, and/or enrolment services (this is also pretty useful).

best of luck with your transfer journey!


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  • IgotAccepted!


    Thanks a lot for the reply! You provided loads of information. Anyways, I got accepted and will be transferring to St. George for next year.

    By the way, The course code is CSCA48H3 and not CSC148H5 (This is a Mississauga course).

    – Anon

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