myres is only your res if you want to live in res

yo aska, if we’re gonna be commuting to school, do we have to complete a myres application? my app on join uoft is still “pending review” with the myres saying “incomplete” and i’m hearing a lot of people are getting their acceptances now, should I be worried or something?



myres – as the name suggests – is a portal for applying to residence at uoft.

so no, if you’re commuting, you don’t have to complete it. makes sense, huh?


P.S. if you’re worried about the ‘incomplete,’ you can always call enrolment services to make sure there aren’t any other outstanding documents you need to hand in.

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  • Fed up

    The current TA strike is frustrating me, particularly because one of my TAs asked us not to contact her during the strike and respect her choice in the labour dispute. Yet now she is sending us emails about what she thinks of the strike, the union demands and their treatment by the university.

    Personally, I support fair wages for everyone, but this is a situation where undergrads suffer the most. Its the students who suffer during a strike more so than the university administration. I am also employed by the university, and feel caught in the middle. Is there a rule against TAs pushing us to come out and support them on the picket lines and sending us these kinds of emails? I’m worried if I respond negatively, or even ask the question of a conflict of interest, I might be penalized by her when she does return from the strike and resumes grading.

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