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So I kind of feel silly for asking this, but I’m panicking and my TA is, of course, on strike so I can’t ask him… But will I be penalized for submitting an assignment on Turnitin at 12:00am if is due at 11:59 pm? t’s a second-year history course, so I’m not convinced I’ll be cut any slack, but I really don’t want to be penalized for a single minute, anf apparently any late submissions are marked as “late”, so my TA might not not even notice that it was just a single minute due to frustrating password problems, and even if he does, he might not take it into consideration.


A panicked first year


hey there,

unfortunately, turnitin has no way of judging how late you were. if something comes in after the deadline, then it’s late – that’s all the program knows. which, yes, is frustrating, but i think i’d be more concerned if turnitin were sophisticated enough to feel human sympathy for lateness. like, first comes sympathy, then comes questioning why it’s servicing humans, then – BAM! robot war.

fortunately, your TA is human. if you missed the deadline by just a minute or something, feel free to e-mail your TA about it and explain what happened. they won’t be able to respond because of the strike, but whenever it ends, they’ll have that explanation there and may be able to cut you some slack.



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