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Are there resources available at UofT where someone can find help with editing any scholarship applications? Or are we essentially expected to write things up ourselves and hope for the best lol. Thanks in advance 🙂


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there aren’t any services specifically geared towards writing/editing scholarship applications, at least that i know of – which kind of makes sense, ’cause scholarship applications can pretty much ask you to do anything and everything.

scholarships are funded by all kinds of different people and institutions, so they’re allowed to ask you whatever they dream up. i’ve answered questions on scholarship forms ranging from “describe a time when you overcame a difficulty to contribute to your community” to, “send us a picture of how you would use Our Great Product TM in your everyday life at university.”

since more traditional scholarship applications tend to require resumes or ask similar questions that might be asked of you when applying for a job, your best bet might be to attend a workshop put on by the career centre.

if the scholarship has an interview portion as part of the selection process and you’re feeling nervous about that, you may want to attend a mock interview, for example. if you need help specifically in writing your application, you may consider a resume-writing workshop. or you can visit the CLN for the gazillion other workshops and events the career centre offers.

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