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do you know how sororities work? like how do you join one…what do you have to do?


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well, you have to attend formal recruitment, which takes place one week after frosh week. you have to pay a $20 fee to register, and then there are further fees to remain a member. these further fees are determined by each sorority individually, so you can take a look at the specific sororities you’re interested in for more details about that.

if you’re asking about hazing or whatever, they’re pretty clear that they don’t stand for that kind of thing. you’re not forced to do anything during the the initiation ceremony that you don’t want to do.

once you’ve joined, you just start getting involved! you attend meetings, spend time with your sorority sisters, participate in charity work, etc. after you’ve been a member for a while, you can even move into the sorority house.

and that’s pretty much how it works, from what i can tell as a plebeian outsider. for more details, i’d highly recommend you attend their formal registration week, and ask all the specific questions you’d like.

i’ll just note that the sororities at uoft aren’t affiliated with the university, so they do sort of operate on their own. meaning that all these fees and regulations and rules about housing, etc. isn’t run or regulated by uoft, but by the sorority itself – so they’re the best people to go to with questions, concerns, etc.

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