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sports & sisters


I’m coming in as an exchange for 2nd semester (winter) and was wondering if I can join a sports team as a beginner during this term? can you join a sorority if your coming into the 2nd semester as an exchange?



hey there,

varsity is finished tryouts for the year (though i doubt you would want to join varsity as an exchange student anyway).

however, intramurals – from what i understand – can be joined on a rolling basis. here’s how to do it. (keep in mind that as an exchange student you will likely be a woodsworth college student, so you would want to be contacting the woodsworth intramurals representative).

as for sororities: you can e-mail them to ask, but it seems like recruitment typically happens in september, and i’m not sure if you would be able to join when half the year’s already gone by. also, i don’t know if it would be worth it – sorority fees ain’t cheap, you know.

hope that helps, and i hope you enjoy toronto! (it’s gonna be absolutely frigid when you get here. i hope you’re prepared).




sorting out sororities

Hi ! I was asking myself : how do we make a choice between all the houses ? Can we visit them ? Also, will my chances (to join a sorority at the university of Toronto) decrease if I am already a member of another one (in another city) ? Thank you in advance


hey there,

i like how you said “houses” and automatically assumed i would know what you’re talking about. you’re probably from the States, huh? are ya? do we got a yank in our midst?

i haven’t been able to find any information about the possibility of getting a tour of any sorority house. what you may want to do is research each chapter’s website, and then e-mail the ones you’re interested in to see if you could arrange a tour.

or you can just be like me and walk past them on your lunch break, wondering how much money these sororities could possibly have stored away that they can afford to buy these huge, old Annex estates.

(but seriously, online research and visiting the house/neighbourhood in person are the best ways to make these kinds of choices, in my opinion – though i’ve never joined a sorority, so i could be missing something).

i’m not sure how being in another sorority might affect joining a uoft sorority. do note that you do have to be a uoft student to join a uoft sorority.

finally: keep in mind that these sororities are not formally affiliated with uoft. they’re integrated into the fabric of uoft, kind of like the Museum and St. George subway stations. but, like the subway stations, they are part of their own, separate organization. if you have any other questions, they’d probably be best directed to join ( at ) uoftsororities ( . ) org.





do you know how sororities work? like how do you join one…what do you have to do?


hey there,

well, you have to attend formal recruitment, which takes place one week after frosh week. you have to pay a $20 fee to register, and then there are further fees to remain a member. these further fees are determined by each sorority individually, so you can take a look at the specific sororities you’re interested in for more details about that.

if you’re asking about hazing or whatever, they’re pretty clear that they don’t stand for that kind of thing. you’re not forced to do anything during the the initiation ceremony that you don’t want to do.

once you’ve joined, you just start getting involved! you attend meetings, spend time with your sorority sisters, participate in charity work, etc. after you’ve been a member for a while, you can even move into the sorority house.

and that’s pretty much how it works, from what i can tell as a plebeian outsider. for more details, i’d highly recommend you attend their formal registration week, and ask all the specific questions you’d like.

i’ll just note that the sororities at uoft aren’t affiliated with the university, so they do sort of operate on their own. meaning that all these fees and regulations and rules about housing, etc. isn’t run or regulated by uoft, but by the sorority itself – so they’re the best people to go to with questions, concerns, etc.

all the best,



aska felt a pie

Does it cost to join a sorority ?


hey there,

yes, it does. there are seven different sororities on the uoft campus*, and annual costs are between $400 and $1000, depending on the sorority.

if you really want to join a sorority but the financial commitment is a bit much for you, you may want to look into what scholarships are available at the chapter you’re interested in. the Toronto Area Alumna Panhellenic also offers a scholarship that you may want to look into.

it’s also good to note that sororities or fraternities on campus are not officially recognized by uoft, so any questions about details of their operation etc. are probably best directed to them.

good luck on your sorority journey!



* why is everything at uoft in groups of seven? seven undergraduate colleges. seven faculty of theology colleges. seven sororities. what is this, a harry potter novel?


frats have houses, not websites

Hi there,

My names Michael Quigley and I am a Canadian born student living in England attending the Manchester Metropolitan University looking to spend my summer in Toronto working and absorbing up a bit of the culture in Toronto.

I was just wondering if it is possible to rent a room in one of the University of Toronto’s frat houses for the whole summer?

If so which frat house would you recommend? Would really like somewhere that is sociable and full of fellow Canadians that love to be active and play sport.

Any help/advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!


Hey hey

So it’s awful but my first reaction to this was “Do we even have frat houses at UofT?” which is bad because apparently I’ve walked by one everyday for the past few years.

But for starter’s, here’s a list of the frats that exist at UofT. Here’s another one. And one more. Frankly, they all suck since half the links don’t exist/don’t work but what can you do…

Now from the sites that DID work, I could only find one that has something to say about summer accommodation (Delta Upsilon), so just go through those sites and check if I’m just totally oblivious. Likewise, see if any of them interest you.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a recommendation for you since, well, I don’t know the first thing about fraternities aside from something something Greek letters something something, but if you’re just looking for some sports and socializing, I literally just Googled “sports toronto” and found the Toronto Sport and Social Club! Sounds perfect for you, right?





Hey i just came across this website because i thought you might have the answer to my question…anyways i was wondering if you know any frat houses that allows people to rent it for the night. But the thing is, do they have a rule on how old you have to be to be able to rent the house?

thanks hope you reply 🙂



Rumor has it, and I’m 95% sure that my little birdy didn’t tweet me a lie that you can rent out the fraternities. As for the age limit I’m not entirely sure. I can imagine that if the party involves a clown and pin the tail on the donkey, they won’t be down for it.

I was just checking out a forum online and there was talk of them allowing parties for high school prom after parties, so the age issue might be settled with a hand full of cash or mommy/daddy’s credit card.

Here is the U of T Greek directory … so click around, email around, call around … get around (kidding … kind of)
love with 2 sugars and milk,



Party on Wayne

I’m looking to throw a party and I heard that you can rent one of the frat houses or something for a night? I just wanted more info on this, if it was possible, who to contact, and how much it would cost me if I could do this.
Thanks for your help!Tamara


Yo yo Party Master Tamara

First off I can only answer 2/3 parts of this question, but that’s a passing grade.

FINALLY the true meaning of the University experience comes out. If you haven’t done a keg stand, woken up beside someone you don’t know or had to hold a friend’s hair back while they vomit YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TO UNIVERSITY … right? … right?

You can totally do this! Fraternities love parties … well that’s what movies say.
The word on the campus streets … ie St.George street … is that this has been done before

Here’s the Greek Directory for University of Toronto – my advice is to scope out the best party location/house and give them a shout (although limited houses post their phone number, mainly just emails)

Also I just wanted to point out the naive viewpoint of U of T:

“The University of Toronto does not recognize sororities or fraternities. On-campus events and chapter promotion are therefore not permitted. Problems and difficulties arising out of fraternity and sorority activities can not be resolved through University services and resources”
Silly silly men in suits, OF COURSE there are fraternities/sororities and OF COURSE they have parties … the houses are right on St George, probably right outside their office windows.

Love Always,


i’m French i speak Spanish i wannabe Greek

Hi aska,

I’ve got a few questions, so I’ll keep them short and simple.

1. I’ve just applied for a BA(Humanities) majoring in Spanish at U of T St George. My current average is an 87%. Should I be panicking about being accepted?

2. I’ve been told that none of the Spanish profs are native speakers. I’d like to know if this is true or not. I’d prefer to learn from a native speaker because I am already a bilingual speaker.

3. Is there a club for French Canadian students? Im French Canadian. I’ve been told various times that people in Toronto really, really don’t like us. At all. Is this something that could hold me back socially or is it just some sort of friendly rivalry caused by hockey? Is there a French Canadian student association?

4. I’ve been looking into sororities. Judging from their websites, they seem like a good idea. However, my boyfriend is in a fraternity and says that most of them are bad and cult-like. Could anyone help me out with this?




Hi M, sorry about the extremely late response. I totally missed your post for some reason. Anyway, hope the reply makes up for it.

1) I wouldn’t panic if I were you. Just try and keep your marks up, but make sure to enjoy your last year of high school too!

2) Check out this webpage. In the FAQ session, it says ‘Our instructors come from different regional origins, and our curriculum is inclusive, so you will hear different accents and be exposed to a variety of texts. Our basic courses emphasize the common structure of the language and no particular accent or dialectal usage is preferred over another. As you progress, you will become exposed to the richness of Spanish across the world.’

Glancing over the staff listed in the departments webpage, at least two of the professors did their degree in Argentina. Another was born in Dominican Republic and grew up in Puerto Rico. Another was born in Brazil – at least that’s a neighbour of a Spanish-speaking country. If that’s not good enough for you, then you’re just being picky. Instead of being hell-bent on being taught by a native-speaker, why not embrace the diversity of the professors at UofT? After all, not all English professors have English listed as their first language, and physics professors certainly dont start out doing quantum mechanics as babies. Even though some of your professors may not be native speakers of Spanish, it doesnt mean you won’t learn anything from them. In fact, it might, as the FAQ says, ‘expose [you] to the richness of Spanish across the world.’

If you check out the anti-calendar, youll see that all the Spanish classes are very small compared to many of the other classes at UofT – ITA251 had 23 students and ITA355 had 21 and so on. If anything, youll enjoy the personal attention that the professors will be able to offer you.

For more information, you may want to check out the courses offered and/or email the department. For opportunities to actually practise speaking in a Spanish setting, you may want to look into an exchange program to Spain or Mexico or another Spanish-speaking country.

3) I’ve browsed through ULife and I cant find one, though I did find a French Club that seems pretty active. You can also try asking the French club if they have events specifically for French Canadian students. I haven’t really had a problem with prejudice against French Canadians, but then again, I’m not French Canadian. At the end, though, I think Toronto really is an extremely diverse city. I suppose it’s possible that you might meet a bigot, but the chance is probably less than that of most other cities… most people are pretty open here.

The French Club probably has some French Canadian members. How about emailing the club and asking to speak to one of their French Canadian members? They might be able to give you a better perspective about life in Toronto as a French Canadian than I am able to.

4) The past responses in the fraternities and sororities category have been very negative, but being objective isn’t really a requirement of aska’s job. But anyway, the sororities page has some information that pertains to UofTs sororities directly that you might want to read up on. Apparently, they have no hazing rituals, so thats good for you. They don’t seem to be on the radar of most UofT students, from my experience, but perhaps the average UofT student avoids them because they are ignorant of them and the only thing they know about frats/sororities are the stereotypes they have. Stereotypes shouldnt dissuade you from joining one, though. One of my friends supports them whole-heartedly… while another one says that there hasnt been any bad press about them for years. Still, you should note that the sororities at UofT are not recognized as official clubs, unlike they are in the US.

If you are interested in sororities, then you should go to the ‘rush’, their recruitment period. There you’ll be able to meet with other people from each sorority and see how you get along with them and see how you feel in that certain sorority. It might give you an idea of whether or not you’d like to join, just like touring a University would give you an idea of whether or not you’d like to attend it. At the end, joining a sorority is not signing a contract. If you join a sorority and then find that they are actually obsessed-with partying or they offend your morals (or whatever), you can always ‘depledge’ and withdraw from one. Also, if/when you get into UofT, your local college registrar is just a call away and may be able to give you more information.

No one can tell you whether or not to join a sorority but yourself. Personally, I would never join one but hey, I’m more of a person who likes to talk with people on a one-to-one basis. If the panhellenic lifestyle (yeah, sorry, I just had to post something stereotypical … like I said, being objective is not part of aska’s job. Oh, and don’t watch that movie. It’s terrible.) appeals to you, then by all means, go for it.


Inspire the woman. Connect. Impact the World. Shine. Let us steadfastly love one another, union hand in hand. Friends & leaders for life!

I’ve been looking around, but it seems like all the sororities are at St. George campus. Are there any sororities that have chapters at Scarborough as well?



step away from the sorority girls…put the keg down…

Location: United States
I was accepted to UT and I will probably attend. The trouble is I am very bad in large lecture classes. I will go to office hours and take advantage of many of my colleges services, but I was wondering if there was anything I could do on campus such as a smaller advising program or a chance for a mentor. I am afraid I will fail out next year. I was thinking of joining a sorority to make friends. I need help.


the pre-facebook years

Do you know of any hype Hallowe’en party’s?
How does one get into a sorority or fraternity?
Do you know of any good ones?
Thanks for any answers you can give…


sororities are fun?

First of all I’d like to say that this website is SUCH a good idea. There has been lots of info that I couldn’t find via the UofT homepage by using the ‘search’.
Today however, I just have THREE questions.
1. How the hell do I switch colleges? Mine is B-O-R-I-N-G! I want to switch to either Vic or Trinity. Why you ask? Because they are more along my atmosphere.
2. How/where do you get information about sororities at U of T?
3. How do you become a member of a sorority?


find a rich kid with a loft

i’m not sure if i’m gonna be staying at home while at u of t, so i’m considering my accommodation options now. i’ve got a friend who’s probably gonna get an apt, so i’ve got someone to room with, but have people recommended off-campus apartments, campus co-op, rez, frats? when should we start looking for a place? july?
july yes.

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