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i have no $$ :((

heyyy aska,

So the christmas season hit me kind of hard, and now I’m in a situation where I just got my OSAP and…surprise surprise…it’s not enough! I’m looking at the rent and tuition I have to pay and there’s no way that what I have + my OSAP now is going ta cut it until April. Should I drop out? Just start living on the street? Help??

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hey there,

firstly, i’m sorry you’re in this situation. there’s no easy fix to this kind of situation, but i think the best thing you can do to start off by talking to your college registrar’s office. most colleges have an emergency student fund and they can administer emergency grants to students in need.

this is not the solution in every case, so it’s not something to count on, but it’s helpful to get into that conversation with an advisor, because they can advise you about some other financial resources and options for you. it is not necessary to drop out – there are ways you can manage your money.

AS IT HAPPENS, innis college’s financial advisor, Thomas Mackay, is hosting a talk on JUST THIS TOPIC, next monday, january 18th, from 5pm-6pm, in the innis college events room. find out more here.

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best of luck!


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