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hey there,

Hi just had a quick question about a program. Im currently a student at utm and really want to do a double major in ccit and managment. I know its highly competitve but do you think I can get in with a cgpa of 2.5 especially the managment program? Thanks

Also I got a offer for Scarborough, it said have a min of 70 in everything. one of my top 6 marks will be in the 60s by April. Will they wait for June report card, rather than judge me by my April one?


hey there,

the CCIT major is a type 2, which means that as long as you meet the requirements, you should be able to enrol. as for management, that’s a type 3, which means that meeting the requirements does not guarantee that you will be admitted to the program. management is a pretty popular program at utm, so there’s no guarantee that meeting the minimum requirement of a 63% in MGM101H5, MGM102H5 and ECO100Y5 will get you in. in fact, you will almost certainly have to do better than that. unfortunately, how much higher above the cut-off you will have to achieve all depends on the competition that year. as always, i am not a crystal ball; i’m not in the business of making admission decision predictions. i’m in the business of sassing people anonymously online – how brave of me.

i’m a bit confused about your second question, but that’s nothing new on this site, so i’ll just try and answer what i think you’re asking. i believe you’ve confused the admissions process for high school students with the internal transfer process. internal transfers don’t have a ‘top six’: you’re assessed based on your transcript to date. as for meeting conditions: it’s really a case-by-case thing. obviously, not meeting the condition is not great.

that being said, if that course is an exception to an otherwise strong transcript, then the admissions committee may overlook it. unfortunately i can’t really give you an answer one way or another, because again, this falls into predicting admission for you, which i just can’t do. i may be unearthly beautiful, but i’m not magic (outside the bedroom). i’d recommend calling enrolment services with those kinds of questions.

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