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    [insert clever pun about ccit here]

    hi, I recently got accepted into uoft- ccit major, but I want to change my major to finance or commerce, do I need to finish my freshman year first and then transfer programs or can I directly do it. I’m an international student and I’m so lost since there is no one to explain how the system works at uoft.


    hey there,

    i feel ya. u of t is a maze of a bureaucracy– even those of us who are from around here and have been at the school for a while are constantly confused. it’s just one of the joys of going to a big, complicated school. navigating it is a lot like this:

    but hey, i’ve sifted through all the CCIT stuff on the internet in an effort to help you out. as far as i can tell, the program works the same way as most other POSts. which is to say, you’re not actually a CCIT student (or a polisci student, or a chemistry student, or ANYTHING sigh) until you apply for POSt. this is also reflected in the fees you pay: i believe CCIT tuition is higher, but you only begin paying that in second year when you become a CCIT student.

    if you’re not familiar, POSt stands for Program of Study, and it’s essentially another hurdle all students of certain faculties need to jump once they get into undergrad. you apply to POSt at the end of your first year, and most of them have prerequisite courses you’ll need to get in. those courses are usually what you’ll focus on getting through in your first year.

    so as far as i know, if you wanted to transfer to finance or commerce you’ll just want to make sure you have the right prereqs, and then when you apply to POSt just indicate whichever program you want. one of the things i love about u of t is that it’s relatively easy to switch programs around as long as you have the prereqs. for example, if i was studying… indigenous studies and wanted to switch to canadian studies, i wouldn’t have to fill anything out, just make sure i had the requirements and apply to POSt during the application period.

    to be honest, i feel a little iffy with you using this as your only source of advice since i’m not ~that~ familiar with ccit as a program. i’d encourage you to get in touch with their department, because they’ll be able to confirm or correct anything i said. the university at large tends to operate in much the same way, but there are always those quirky niche programs that do their own thing and ccit could be one of those. the utm registrars may also be able to help you out.

    over n out,


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    sorry for shia

    I’m an incoming freshman and I am COMPLETELY lost about which courses I’m allowed to take, in which campuses, which faculties, basically everything.
    I’ve been accepted to CCIT and I know there are two prereqs I need to take in my first year. Other than that I know nothing, zero, nada. Please help.



    first, i want to apologize for how late this answer is. i was on vacation for the last month and a half! even aska deserves some time off.

    second, welcome to uoft!

    so, based on your question, you’d be enrolled at the utm campus (which is the only campus that offers the ccit program). however, you aren’t TECHNICALLY in ccit. ccit is a limited enrolment program that you have to apply for after your first year at utm. according to this link, you need to have completed at least 4.0 FCE (full credit equivalents) and have achieved at least a 65% in CCT109 and CCT110 (which are the two prereqs you already know about).

    as for other courses you’re “allowed” to take, the world is yours! however, you should look into what other programs you are interested in apart from ccit. ccit only offers a major program, which means that you need to take another major or two minors in conjunction with ccit in order to fulfill the requirements of a u of t degree. just remember that all u of t students must be enrolled in either a specialist, two majors, or a major and two minors. for more info on degree requirements, check out the academic calendar. it’s a good idea to check out all the programs that utm offers and see what you may what to do with your ccit major and then take the required first year courses so that you can apply for the program in your second year. for a list of all the programs and their requirements, check out the academic calendar.

    another thing that i 100000% suggest is making an appointment with an academic adviser at the registrar’s office. they can answer more specific questions that you may have and give you some great advice on anything academic-y. do it. i promise you that you won’t regret it. DO IT.

    just do it GIF

    good luck!



    PS- sorry, i really really couldn’t resist the shia gif.

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    maybe we are both ignorant

    hi! do you know where i can find ccit major’s minimum cgpa requirement? i’ve checked their academic calendar already and either it’s not there or i’ve skipped over it? thanks in advance!
    i was about to make some snarky joke about how easy it was to find the ccit calendar with all the requirements listed but then… i couldn’t find the minimum cgpa requirement. so, jokes on me i guess.
    according to the ccit calendar, it says that “each year the ICCIT program sets a minimum required CGPA. This will vary from year to year and is based, in part, on supply and demand.” i’ve looked around on the iccit website and the course calendar and couldn’t find anything either. this might mean that they haven’t set the minimum required cgpa yet, or that we are both ignorant and don’t know where to look.
    jerry cant see GIF by HULU
    you should get in contact with the ccit department themselves. check out this link for info on how to contact the student adviser/ program coordinator.
    i hope this helps!
    good luck.
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    waitlists do not mean the end

    Hi! I got accepted into Humanities at UtM, and although I have not yet accepted, I want to switch from Humanities to CCIT. However, when I went on my friend’s ACORN account, it said that the two pre-req. courses lectures had blocked enrollment. Can I still try to take those classes or will I be wait listed for a long time? 🙁
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    angling for management

    hey there,

    Hi just had a quick question about a program. Im currently a student at utm and really want to do a double major in ccit and managment. I know its highly competitve but do you think I can get in with a cgpa of 2.5 especially the managment program? Thanks

    Also I got a offer for Scarborough, it said have a min of 70 in everything. one of my top 6 marks will be in the 60s by April. Will they wait for June report card, rather than judge me by my April one?


    hey there,

    the CCIT major is a type 2, which means that as long as you meet the requirements, you should be able to enrol. as for management, that’s a type 3, which means that meeting the requirements does not guarantee that you will be admitted to the program. management is a pretty popular program at utm, so there’s no guarantee that meeting the minimum requirement of a 63% in MGM101H5, MGM102H5 and ECO100Y5 will get you in. in fact, you will almost certainly have to do better than that. unfortunately, how much higher above the cut-off you will have to achieve all depends on the competition that year. as always, i am not a crystal ball; i’m not in the business of making admission decision predictions. i’m in the business of sassing people anonymously online – how brave of me.

    i’m a bit confused about your second question, but that’s nothing new on this site, so i’ll just try and answer what i think you’re asking. i believe you’ve confused the admissions process for high school students with the internal transfer process. internal transfers don’t have a ‘top six’: you’re assessed based on your transcript to date. as for meeting conditions: it’s really a case-by-case thing. obviously, not meeting the condition is not great.

    that being said, if that course is an exception to an otherwise strong transcript, then the admissions committee may overlook it. unfortunately i can’t really give you an answer one way or another, because again, this falls into predicting admission for you, which i just can’t do. i may be unearthly beautiful, but i’m not magic (outside the bedroom). i’d recommend calling enrolment services with those kinds of questions.

    ok peace out,


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    i’ll take one course to-go, please

    Hey Aska!

    So, I am a 3rd year Digital Enterprise Management student and I just had a question about transferring a credit. There is a 4th year course (MGD428) which is REALLY difficult and heavy (I took it this year but dropped it because it is really hard) and it is only offered in the fall semester so I have to take it next year.

    But I was wondering if I take a project management course (4th year) at Guelph Humber which has the same weight and extremely similar description to MGD428, I can transfer it and use it towards my degree? I wanna take it during the summer so I won’t have to take it at UTM in the fall. I read the guidelines for transfer credits and LOPs, and I think I can do this, I just wanna make sure?? I know I have to get at least 60% but I feel like I can.

    The one at Guelph-Humber is significantly easier (I know taking it at UTM will hurt my GPA) and uses a much easier textbook but the actual content and work you do is really really similar. And the Guelph-Humber prof is much better (there is only 1 section taught at UTM every year with a really hard prof).

    Thanks! You’re awesome!

    * and PS I know I can take it and pass at UTM but I want to keep my GPA high for grad school and I know taking it at UTM will make it go down.. :\


    hey there,

    i checked transfer explorer for MGD428 at University of Guelph-Humber and i wasn’t able to find any equivalencies, so i can’t tell you what your chances are in getting it granted, but i wouldn’t despair just yet – all that means is that no one has requested it before.

    even though i haven’t been able to find a precedent of people doing this specifically for MGD428, you still can certainly request it using an LOP.

    as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for the LOP, i’d say there’s no harm in making a request. if you want to know your chances of having it granted, have a chat with CCIT and ask them if they’ve ever granted a request for that course before.

    other than that, just submit the LOP and hope for the best! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.



    P.S.: here’s a tip for you – saying that you want to take a course somewhere else because it’s easier probably won’t fly with the people who approve these requests. if you have another reason for making the request, maybe emphasize that one.

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    if i’m not in ccit, can i still be a ccit student

    Hey, I am starting my second year at UTM in September. I came into UTM into the CCIT program. To enroll in the Subject Post for the CCIT Major, I need a GPA of at least 2.0. I am planning on applying to two minors as well; Earth Science and Environmental Science, which don’t require a GPA of 2.0. I will apply to the Posts in June. If my GPA is below 2.0, should I just apply to the two science minors? Will I still be considered a CCIT student? Will I have to apply for the CCIT Major next year? Please help, thanks.



    If your GPA is below 2.0, then you won’t be able to get into the CCIT program, but do heed the required grades for those other programs you’re interested in. Do note, however, that you can’t just be in two minors. UTM requires students to be enrolled in either one specialist, two majors, or one major and two minors.

    But no, you won’t be considered a CCIT student. Naturally, you’re only considered one if you’re in the program.

    Although you can certainly apply for the program in the following year once you’ve bumped up your CGPA.