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i’ll take one course to-go, please

Hey Aska!

So, I am a 3rd year Digital Enterprise Management student and I just had a question about transferring a credit. There is a 4th year course (MGD428) which is REALLY difficult and heavy (I took it this year but dropped it because it is really hard) and it is only offered in the fall semester so I have to take it next year.

But I was wondering if I take a project management course (4th year) at Guelph Humber which has the same weight and extremely similar description to MGD428, I can transfer it and use it towards my degree? I wanna take it during the summer so I won’t have to take it at UTM in the fall. I read the guidelines for transfer credits and LOPs, and I think I can do this, I just wanna make sure?? I know I have to get at least 60% but I feel like I can.

The one at Guelph-Humber is significantly easier (I know taking it at UTM will hurt my GPA) and uses a much easier textbook but the actual content and work you do is really really similar. And the Guelph-Humber prof is much better (there is only 1 section taught at UTM every year with a really hard prof).

Thanks! You’re awesome!

* and PS I know I can take it and pass at UTM but I want to keep my GPA high for grad school and I know taking it at UTM will make it go down.. :\


hey there,

i checked transfer explorer for MGD428 at University of Guelph-Humber and i wasn’t able to find any equivalencies, so i can’t tell you what your chances are in getting it granted, but i wouldn’t despair just yet – all that means is that no one has requested it before.

even though i haven’t been able to find a precedent of people doing this specifically for MGD428, you still can certainly request it using an LOP.

as long as you meet the eligibility requirements for the LOP, i’d say there’s no harm in making a request. if you want to know your chances of having it granted, have a chat with CCIT and ask them if they’ve ever granted a request for that course before.

other than that, just submit the LOP and hope for the best! i’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.



P.S.: here’s a tip for you – saying that you want to take a course somewhere else because it’s easier probably won’t fly with the people who approve these requests. if you have another reason for making the request, maybe emphasize that one.

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