this admissions average is really too much for people

I had already asked you a question regarding scholarships, which let me know that scholarships are based on your Top 6. But right now, looking at other universities, I’m worried about what UofT might consider worthy to be part of your Top 6.
Like, at a university in my province, they determine an entrance scholarship based on your top five courses in a list of preapproved classes. Like, if you took Family Studies 40S, it wouldn’t count for your top five because it wasn’t part of the preapproved courses.
Are there any preapproved courses for UofT? Is, in theory, any 40S level class used for your Top 6?
PS. I’m taking World History 42IB and History of Western Civilization 40S in grade 12. Are those classes too similar to both be used in my Top 6?


hey there,

i did some digging around and i assume based on this that you’re from Manitoba. that changes things a little bit, though it’s still not as complicated as you’re making it out to be.

there are no pre-approved courses. there is no ‘too similar.’ despite the seemingly infinite qualifications and complications that uoft’s administration likes to create, this, at least, is relatively simple.

entrance scholarships are based on the grade average of the courses used to determine your admission. for Ontario students, that’s your top 6 4U/M courses. for Manitoba students, that’s English 40S, three additional 40S courses, and one more 40G or 40S course. so yes, your History of Western Civilization and Family Studies courses would be counted towards the admission average used to determine your eligibility for an entrance scholarship.

i don’t think your World History course would count because it doesn’t end in a G or S (unless it’s an IB credit? is that what the ‘IB’ after the 42 stands for?) but i’ve only known about this curriculum system for fifteen minutes so you probably shouldn’t take my word as gospel.

the tl;dr of it is this: the courses used in your admissions average are used to determine your scholarship eligibility. that’s it, that’s all.

happy Canada Day!


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