what even is math


So I was planning on getting into the Management major; I’m currently doing ECO100, MGM101 and MGM102 this summer. I’m having no trouble with MGM but I’m failing ECO. I was thinking of switching to the DEM Specialist.

Is DEM super math heavy with finance and economics too, or is it more art and management theory? I know there’s a mandatory 300 level ECO course, but since it’s geared towards CCIT students is it as difficult as ECO100?




unfortunately, i really have no idea how math heavy DEM is. i’m not in that program and i’ve never taken those course, so i don’t know how much i can really say about it. i can’t share my experiences  i also support and really identify with your math avoidance. i heckin’ hate math too.

i suggest that you check out the program calendar, though. they have all the requirements that you need to complete to finish the program. i would also get in contact with the department themselves. according to this, they have an embedded student advisor. i think it would probably be a good idea to talk to them- they have the most up-to-date and relevant information which i’m not really privy to.

i hope this helps! good luck m’dude.




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