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Hi! On thursday I was #40-something on a waitlist. As of today Im #18 on the waitlist for a class of 188 people. Do you think ill get in? The first lecture is today so ill be missing it. Ive heard something about 10% will get in but how many days before the waitlist drop is that number based on??
first of all, let me apologize for this super late response. unfortunately, i don’t know if this answer will even be relevant anymore as the waitlists ended yesterday, january 14th. again, i am so so sorry and hope that you did get into the course.
i will still answer the question though, as i think that this could be worthwhile for our readers in the future. again, so sorry.
yes, in general, if you’re within the first 10% of the class size on the waitlist. that being said, it’s not a guarantee and mostly has to do with when you FIRST get into the waitlist. just use your common sense. if you’re still like, 7th on a waitlist (no matter what size the class is) the day before the waitlists end, you probably won’t get into the course. however, if a new section of the course opens up, then you’ll be able to get into the course that way.
so sorry again for this really delayed response. again, i really hope you got into the course.
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wishing you all the best,

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