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website down

hey aska!! i know this is not your area of expertise so i’m sorry if this is out of line, but I’m trying to apply for a type 3 POSt and the website has been down for over 2 weeks 🙁 just wondering if you have the inside scoop on whether or not this will be fixed before the deadline to apply?? thanks, you’re the best!!


hello and no worries at all!

ask whatever you please (within reason lol), i have yet to read a question and find it out of line.  either way, the website should be back up and running now! hopefully it doesn’t shut back down, but i’m sure the IT people were working on reviving it so i’m unsurprised it was already working by the time i got around to this question. best of luck with getting into your type 3, i hope the application goes smoothly!



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