breadth requirements

thank GOD it is the way it is

do you have to do the breadth requirement every year or just once?


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man i can’t imagine having to do it every year. that scares me a little, just thinking about it.  i would just… never finish my degree, probably. ever. it would take too many of my credits up.

rest assured that you’ve only got to go through it once! that’s why a lot of people try to do theirs in first year– not only will you have access to more fun, first-year-only breadth req courses, but you’ll get it out of the way and not have to worry about it anymore.

if you’re still confused, you can check out this link. basically, you need to take one credit from 4/5 of the 5 breadths, or one from 3/5 and a half credit from each of the remaining two. if that’s not too confusing.

hope this helped! best of luck with your first year, friend.

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