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no math? no problems

hi, do you know if you have to take a math course if you’re not doing a math degree? (i’m in social sciences, leaning towards something like polisci or women’s studies)


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you don’t have to take a math course specifically, no! u of t tries to diversify the courses we take not by mandating certain courses as requirements, but rather making us take a certain number of credits in each of a few different categories. these are called breadth requirements,  and in a lot of ways i prefer them to the way i’ve heard other unis do things. the category you’d be concerned with is breadth 5, or ‘the physical and mathematical universes.’ this can involve math, but doesn’t have to if you don’t want it to.

it is possible to meet the breadth 5 requirement (or at least half a credit of it) without ever solving a single equation. i do a quite large plug for the one breadth 5 course i did in this post. long story short, it was very arts-kid friendly and i would 10/10 recommend. i’m sure there are other courses out there geared towards humanities students (read: few numbers) if you dig a little more!

if you want a more detailed rundown of what the categories are, you can check out this recent post i did on how the breadth req works. please read it if you’re not familiar, otherwise this recommendation might not make much sense to you! but the bottom line is, if you’re worried about having to take math, you can probably skirt the entirety of breadth 5 — as long as you don’t mind biology-type courses.

short answer: if you plan well, no math for you! unless, of course, you want to take it. then you def can, and still fulfill your degree requirements. NOBODY LOSES TODAY i love it.

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