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Hi! I just recently accepted my offer to UTM and will (hopefully) be majoring in Criminology, Law and Society by the end of first year. However, my question has to do more with musical opportunities at UTM. I absolutely love singing and playing the piano and have enjoyed competing and performing throughout high school. I was wondering if there are any music clubs that I can join or courses that I can take as a non music faculty student during my time at UTM. Thanks!


hello hello hellooooo,

enormous congrats on accepting your offer! i sense … a future lawyer, maybe?

well, maybe-future-lawyer, i hope the weather is as good where you are as it is for me right now. there’s something about sunshine and blue skies and cotton candy sunsets that make me feel like everything’s gonna be okay.

anyway, i looked this up for ya– many of your options are listed here! a quick rundown on what we got:

harmonix music club seems pretty cool– as far as i can tell, their focus seems to be on creating a very international/multicultural space for making music. i guess the idea is that music can unite people no matter their background or culture– or maybe that you need difference to produce beauty the same way you need different notes to make a harmony. wow! metaphors! maybe i’m reaching.

into heavenly harmonies? the utm gospel choir might be a good option for you. they do monthly/bimonthly performances, and if there are openings you can join either as an instrumentalist or vocalist.

there’s a straight-up utm music club  you can check out, too, that holds a bunch of music-centred events on campus– think karaoke, open mics, jam sessions, and guitar workshops. sounds pretty cool to me. they claim to be the best music club on campus on their facebook page, anyway.

beyond these options, there’s a chinese music club or kpop organization you can join if you feel so inclined. this post is gonna drag on if i plug those two too, so look them up yourself if you’re curious, would ya? appreciate it!

you should have the opportunity to connect with many of these clubs your first week at uni! i dunno specifically where/when the clubs fair is yet, but as long as you keep an eye out i’m sure you’ll hear about it. tends to be quite well-advertised, especially if you plan to attend frosh. if you can’t make it to clubs week, it shouldn’t be too difficult to contact these orgs directly through social media and ask about getting involved.

in terms of courses, well… not sure if i’m doing something wrong, but it doesn’t seem like utm offers music courses, or has a music department at all? i can’t find it, anyway, which is surprising to me because i always just kind of assumed there was one. this is the full list of undergrad programs at utm, if you wanna check for yourself. if i’m right, then your options for getting involved with music might be limited to extracurriculars.

since we’re on the topic of music, i would tell ya to follow my spotify, but that would defeat the point of an anonymous blog, wouldn’t it? guess i’ll just have to appreciate my own curated-til-3-am playlists. i kind of feel like the world is missing out, but we’ll never know, will we?

wishing you the best of luck and a 10/10 work ethic for first year! lord knows most of us could use it.

over n out,

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