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8 questions from a very inquisitive person

Your website is very interesting , thanks! Now I’m going into gr.12 and I was wondering :

1) Is it true that UofT is a nerd school that only studies and doesn’t know how to party ?

2) Does UofT have air conditioning for those hot summer days?

3) Are there any encounters with ghosts on the st. George campus?

4) Do you have any gay professors on the campus?

5) Is it possible to get perfect at UofT in your courses , like in high school ?

6) Does UofT block any websites in their network?

7) In the lecture halls, are there power outlets to plug In your laptop if it’s running low ?

8) Oh and , are you a guy or a girl?


You are going into Grade 12 next year, and spending all your time reading a university admissions website?! I hereby order you to smoke pot and lose your virginity, like immediately.

Because askastudent is nearly as pathetic as you are, here are the answers to your burning questions, dear. Once again, please stop reading this website and participate in normal high school activities, from one former aska-junkie to another.

1) Depending on the program and its students, I can see how the “nerd school” rep might suffice, but U of T – unlike say Queen’s, or Western – is also in the biggest, most party-centric city in Canada (unless you’re going to McGill). You will meet partiers, and academics and even academic-partiers. Don’t worry. There’s a lot going on campus, as long as you stay out of the stacks.

2) I believe that most of U of T is in fact, air-conditioned. Which is a godsend. My apartment is like a friggin’ furnace today.

3) Totally, man.

4) There are gay profs on campus, absolutely! An amazing one is the incredible, adorable Scott Rayter who teaches Queerly Canadian as part of the Sexual Diversity Studies program at University College. That program is terrific – not only is the course material really fantastic, but the classmates are pretty cute.

5) Hahahahahaha.

6) Mmm, not that I know of. Though there is a pretty awesome webnet supergroup that’s funded by the University that actually investigates human rights web blocking in other countries. Read this article and believe.

7) Probably, though you would have to be in prime optimum plug locales. I’d be charging that sucker, just in case.

8) Askastudent is an androgynous supermodel.

Please don’t ask me anything else. This is your summer! This is your youth! Enjoy it while you can.

xoxo, Askastudent

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