reading week

no breaks! none

do ppl generally go home over reading weeks? Or are there just like no breaks other than December lol


hey there,

dunno who gave you the idea that this school gives breaks. that’s pretty funny. a good joke if i ever heard one. reading weeks are like unicorns. or utsg snow days. or the mcdonald’s in northrop frye.

yeah, come on man, not cool.

in all seriousness, i feel like this one kinda depends. like yeah, there are breaks other than december– we’re lucky enough to have both a fall and winter reading week, and if you’d like to head home during those you can. this year, those reading breaks are gonna fall on the weeks of nov 4-8 and feb 17-21.

as far as what i’ve seen, international students (especially ones from overseas) don’t tend to go home for reading week. maybe plane tickets are too expensive, or they want to get the value out of their rent, or a long-haul flight would eat up too much of their time and not ultimately be worth it.

in terms of people who do tend to go home, it seems to mostly be eastern seaboard kiddos and domestic students, flying out to vancouver or winnipeg or edmonton for a week. i feel like people from ontario generally tend to stay in toronto, since they don’t feel as far from home. but that’s just been my experience.

or hey, i guess, you could do the unthinkable and… read during your reading week. no judgement here. but i can’t promise i’ll be joining you.

be Boundless,


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