lmao hello when do tutorials start? do we have to go to them starting thursday or only after we’ve been to the first respective lecture? thank u!


hi, I was wondering if first years need to attend tutorials that precede their lectures for the first week of school? Is it best to email the prof?


lmao hello to the both of you,

sorry for the wait with this answer but no, you don’t have to go to them starting thursday. the general rule for tutorials is that if they do precede your lecture, you should not show up. no one else will show up. the TA will not show up. you’ll be greeted with an empty, dark lecture room, populated only by one or two equally lost and confused souls. if at all. but hey, maybe that’s your cup of tea.


so i guess you could go if you want. but yeah, usually tutorials won’t run before the first lecture– you’ll get more info about them during that class.

hope this helped, and best of luck with the start of classes! hope your profs are quality, your textbooks are available used, and you don’t need to jaywalk to get to class on time. that would be nice.

be Boundless,


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