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Hey aska,

Where would you be able to find a locker on campus, and which places are the cheapest? I need a place to store my love letters and engagement gifts. I get too many. Also my gym clothes and drinks, but that’s another story.

I think you can get some at Innis (no idea how though), and Hart House as well, but are there more convenient/cheaper options?

By the way, I love your site and am following your posts to the point of obsession.
(Don’t worry, even though I’m so popular and everything, the only one I love is you.)

Thanks and much love. 🙂


Oooh, I like you. Can we be friends on the internet? Seriously though, email me. I feel like you could be an Askastudent in training 🙂

You will be happy to know that Innis College boasts the cheapest lockers on campus. A scant $5 for a whole year that are big enough to fit a mini suitcase on wheels, a laptop, and a giant lunch bag. I believe you can rent them from the ICSS, located in the Innis College building. You can contact them at416.978.0840 or

Lock it up, darling!

xoxo, Askastudent

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  • Jack

    Hey! I just wanted to expand on that — lockers at Innis (in the basement) are $15 for the year (September – early August). Probably still (one of) the cheapest. The ICSS office is located behind the Cafe and across from the student lounge and is open M-F 10-5.

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