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I got an email from my philosophy prof that she wanted to meet to talk about my essay. she said that it was too similar to other students except I LITERALLY HAVE NO FRIENDS IN THAT CLASS. I THINK ASSIGNMENT IS WORTH 10% EXCEPT I ALREADY HAD AN ISSUE FIRST YEAR WITH A POLITICS COURSE THAT I FAILED AND WENT ON MY TRANSCRIPT. I really didnt copy anyone else work, and im guessing maybe I sent in a copy that didnt have all my citations on it bc I had multiple. how would I convince her otherwise??


hey there,

“i literally have no friends in that class” lol a mood, where’d they get this headline about me?

sorry, i couldn’t help it, i had to find a way to sneak that gif in. i promise i know an average of 2.67 people in my courses this sem lol. all jokes aside, this is a tough spot to be in and i’m glad you reached out– you must be panicked, and you shouldn’t have to navigate this alone. this is what i think you should do:

your first step should be reaching out to the resources you have, which you’ve already sorta done. the registrar’s office would be even better equipped than me to give you a rundown of your options, point you towards other resources, and give you advice.

  • gather any drafts, reading notes, or other proof of the process you went through when putting this assignment together

this should include the other copies of your assignment with citations! it’ll help you make a stronger case that the assignment is your original work. i know sometimes papers get written super fast, so you might not have many substantial notes/drafts– but anything you have will help you. in terms of “how would i convince her otherwise,” this is the only real piece of advice i can offer.

  • trust the process

haha i hate this phrase. but in this case, you’re kind of going to have to trust the process– my understanding is that you’ll need to attend several meetings to have your situation sorted out. the first (and hopefully only) one will be with your course instructor; if, after that meeting, they are still convinced you committed an academic offence, you’ll have to sit down with either a dean or department chair. there’s a whole rundown for you in this pdf, should you choose to preemptively subject yourself to learning what “the process” entails. i’m sure you’ll be informed anyway, and there might not be any use in making yourself anxious given that you might not even need to go through it all. but hey. what you do with that link is on you; i just toss info your way. my hands are washed.

best of luck with this all! i hope this answer has been at least a lil’ helpful, and that the situation resolves in your favour.

be Boundless,


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