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sometimes i have more questions than answers

Hi Aska, I have a question. Is “ITA103: Made in Italy: Italian Fashion from the Theatre to the Runway”, an easy course/bird course? Thank you in advance.


hey there,

i would love to be able to tell you that it is, but i can’t actually lay claim to having taken every single course this esteemed institution offers. i can also see that nothing turns up when i plug the course code into reddit, so there’s no use directing you to that.

wait, hang on. does this course exist?

nothing comes up for it in the timetable, and it’s not included under the italian calendar listing. so i actually… don’t really know what to tell you. i actually have more questions for you than answers. why do you know about this course? where are you getting your course listings? is there something you know that i don’t, like a starbucks secret menu, but make it u of t?

in terms of bird courses in general, though, i always tell people that it’s more important to choose courses that play to your strengths and interests. an ‘easy’ course is super subjective, so even if i had a personal assessment to toss your way, i don’t know that it would be worth very much. plus, if you’re paying tuition, you get more of your money’s worth by investing in courses that make you actually want to engage with the material. a class on italian fashion does sound pretty interesting to me, so if that’s why you’re drawn to it, then by all means— enrol.

just, maybe, wait for a year in which it’s offered?

be Boundless,



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