what’s the dealio?

hi! it is currently September 08 (two days before the semester starts) and none of my courses are up on quercus yet. What’s the dealio?


hey there!

my guess is that either you’re a wide-eyed first year— otherwise, you’ve somehow managed to consistently get profs who are more on top of their work than the ones i’ve gotten. i wouldn’t worry too much about courses not being up on quercus yet— i’ve literally had quercus shells posted sometimes a week, a week and a half into the semester. i get that late quercus shells are even less ideal this year, given that many classes are online.

if you’re really worried about it, once the first day of that class has come i’d shoot a polite email to the prof just to check in. but i anticipate that some profs are probably doing some last-minute work and their quercus shells won’t be ready for launch til right before the class starts, which is my best guess as to why you’re in this situation today.

tl:dr don’t worry too much! and good luck with the semester.

be Boundless,


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