ah yes, the page with all the options

Hi! I’m in my first year and online and I was wondering if you knew how we could possibly join clubs? I visited the page with all the options but it doesn’t actually tell us how to join? Thank u!

belated welcome to u of t! i definitely sympathize with how difficult it can feel to get involved with campus activities this year, and am really glad you reached out.
my guess is that you probably visited ulife, where the most central listing of u of t’s clubs is located. ulife can serve as a good springboard to getting involved. my advice would be to go through the listings and jot down a few clubs that seem particularly appealing to you.
then comes the slightly more difficult part: tracking those clubs down. i’d recommend using social media to do so, particularly facebook and instagram. all the clubs and student organizations that i or my friends are involved in have a presence on at least one, if not both, of those platforms. that’s where word about online events, challenges, and office hours will go out, plus you can send DMs to an instagram or facebook page to ask how you can get involved.
for example, the vietnamese students’ association posts a cute lil instagram graphic whenever there’s something going on. the chemistry students’ association also posts updates on their instagram. i see VUSAC posting a lot of event news on facebook.
tl:dr do a lil social media stalking and you should get a sense of what events are running! i’ve never encountered a u of t student group that’s not welcome to having people join casually, at any point in the year— you can drop in to an event and meet some new people, or you can reach out directly and ask about getting involved. sometimes there are mailing lists you can sign up for, or exec boards with empty spots— won’t know unless you ask.
i hope this helped!
be Boundless,

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