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prepare for trouble! and make it double!

heyo! this might be a silly question, but i was wondering if it matters whether i do a major or minor (i’m in first year right now). does doing a double major make you look “better” in the future, or does it really not matter? thanks!



i actually think career advising or your registrar would be better qualified to answer this question than i am, but i’m happy to throw my two cents in.

my guess is that you’re choosing between a double major or a major and two minors?

personally speaking, a double major was the right choice for me. having two majors means that you have a strong background in two different subjects. that will serve you well if you might want to go to grad school but don’t know what for yet, or if you’d appreciate more flexibility with future job prospects. there’s a decent argument for diversifying yourself by majoring in two pretty different things, or rounding out your knowledge by choosing two complementary majors. meanwhile, i’ve heard that employers don’t care too much about what you minor in.

i do think double majoring might be a little more intense, given that major programs tend to have more difficult requirements than minor programs. so there is a bit of a tradeoff.

but this decision really depends on what your interests are, and what’s best for you, right? say you want to pursue three different areas of interest, but have one that you like more than the others— in that case, a major and two minors would serve you better than two majors would.

anyway, i think you should reach out your registrar’s office so you can talk this over with someone more in-depth! i’ve relied upon the academic advisors at my registrar in order to make many of the important decisions of my undergrad. i’d trust their advice over mine any day— i’m really just another student, and don’t have the experience or broad knowledge that an academic advisor does.

wishing you good judgement, though, as you make this decision!

be Boundless,


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