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I am currently studying at medical school in my country and I am beginning to think that it just isn’t for me. I am planning to pursue something else. Having said that, I was applying to UofT and I was asked to enter my the schools and post secondary institutions I have attended. Should I include my medical school education in this list or should I only include the high school I went to? Thanks in advance.


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i hope i’m getting to this question in time, and my apologies if it’s too late! it can take up to two weeks for me to answer questions on here. in the future, you can actually phone the university’s admissions offices for a quicker response.

anyway, to answer your question— my understanding is that when you’re asked for your full academic history, you’re meant to include every school you’ve attended, even if you haven’t graduated. that also means you’ll need to send transcripts from every school you’ve attended to u of t for your application to be assessed. again, you can contact the admissions offices to confirm this, but that’s what i know from my experience applying to u of t.

i hope that helps! good luck with your application, i really hope it goes well and that you get in.

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