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are they even called POSts anymore though

Hello! I’m sure you’ve gotten this question a lot before, but could you explain how POSTs work? I’m in first year and I want to make sure I understand everything. Is it possible to take 2 programs that are both Type 1 or is it supposed to be a variety of types? I’m in humanities, in case that’s relevant to this question !


hey there,

absolutely, i can explain POSts!

basically, programs of study or POSts denote what subject area(s) you’re specializing in for your degree. according to this sidney smith commons page, there are three different intensities of POSts. i’ve copy/pasted that info below:

  • Specialist Program: 10 credits – 14 credits
  • Major Program: 6 credits – 8 credits
  • Minor Program: 4 credits

to graduate from u of t, you’ll need to select your POSts according to one of the following combinations:

  • one specialist
  • two majors
  • a major and two minors

that’s the bare minimum, at least. some keeners like to do a little extra. here are some other possible combinations

  • a specialist and a minor
  • two majors and a minor
  • a specialist, a major, and a minor

you’re limited to a maximum of three programs, but if you add a third program it needs to be a minor. i’m realizing now that there’s no rule against taking two specialists and a minor, which is really extra. i’ve never heard of anyone that’s attempted that.

i was just about to explain POSt types, but i looked those up real quick to double check and it looks like u of t has switched the system on us! of course it has. now, there are no more type 1, 2, and 3 programs, there are just “open” and “limited” programs. it looks like there’s no application required for open programs, but limited programs still require things like prerequisites. you can read more about the difference between open and limited programs, including deadlines and how to apply, here. to check the types of the programs you’re interested in, visit this page.

what hasn’t changed is that there are still two request periods during which you can select (or apply for) your POSts. request periods are pretty straightforward, but those deadlines are good to be aware of.

to answer the last of your questions, it is definitely possible to take two type 1 (open) programs — you’ll be making your life a lot easier if you do, honestly. people don’t focus so much on the types of programs you select. just pick what you’re interested in studying!

i’m not sure if this was in-depth enough or if it addressed everything you were curious about, so if you have any lingering questions don’t hesitate to shoot me another message.

also, this is the first time i’m realizing that i’ve never seen the acronym POSt anywhere other than this website. it’s possible that it’s now a relic of times gone by. should i keep using it? should i switch to calling them programs, like sid smith does? hmm.

be Boundless,


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