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nOt LikE thE OthEr LaW sTudEntS

Okay feeling really silly: I asked the following question answered under “she doesn’t even go here!” without stating what I was applying to haha. I applied to UFT LAW, but am unsure how I would be perceived as (1) a commerce student interested in criminal justice/prison reform (not a conventional path), and (2) a condensed degree – that I am still completing. Any thoughts appreciated! Thanks !!!

thanks so much for waiting for this answer, i’ve been quite overwhelmed. i don’t know how anyone is still functioning normally with *gestures at whole world* all this going on.
it’s hard for me to say exactly how you’ll be perceived, but personally, i think what you’re doing is really cool.
i’m glad you ended up applying to u of t law! i’m sure there’s a diversity of interests within the faculty of law, and my best guess is that you won’t be too out of place.
i wouldn’t worry too much about being unconventional — i hope you’re not pursuing your studies to make other people happy! it sounds to me like you have a good sense of what you want from your degree, and just need a lil push of confidence to keep moving forward.
if it’s admissions you’re worried about, though, i’m afraid i can’t provide much valuable insight into that. i’m not really that familiar with law school admissions in general, and can’t get into admissions officers’ heads no matter how hard i try.
regardless, i’m sure the quality of your application will matter much more than whether or not your path and interests are conventional! in your last question, you were wondering whether it was even worth applying if you didn’t have strong experiences to show for your interest in criminal reform. remember that school is a good place to get that kind of experience, so don’t be too hard on yourself.
wishing you all the best with your application! glad you’re going after your passions.
be Boundless,

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