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I messed up and cheated in my final exams this fall semester. The prof called me in and accused me of the act. This would be my second offense and my first offense was that I did not properly cite my sources for a minor assignment which was less than 5%. Will this lead towards my suspension? I am about this graduate after this term.


hi there,

it’s hard to say for sure what consequences you may be facing. all the possibilities are detailed in the code of behaviour on academic matters.

sure, suspension is listed is a potential sanction for an academic offense. but keep in mind that may not entail a full suspension from the university — you could just be suspended from certain courses, a program, or an academic division. for example, if you cheated on a chemistry final exam, the chem department might suspend you but you’d still be able to take english courses.

there are also lesser sanctions you may be facing, like a final grade of zero or a reduced final grade. since i don’t know the details of your case (and since i’ve never presided over an academic integrity case lol), i really can’t make any solid predictions.

what i will say is that i hope you book a meeting with your registrar if you haven’t already. academic advisors have seen a ton of cases like this, and may have valuable guidance for you as you navigate the academic integrity system. i don’t believe anything you say to them can be used against you when your case is reviewed, so that’s a plus. you deserve to go through this with some assistance!

good luck with this! i hope things turn out all right.

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