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chatGPT? more like chatGPTea

Hi, I as just accused of using chatgp for an assingment worth 5%. I had two draft’s open. Before I submitted I went downstairs and they were left unattended. Someone had gone upstairs and had messed with them. When I came back the document was already downloaded but I didn’t think much of it and submitted. I have messages with the person who indirectly confesses to messing with it. They case is going to the chair and I don’t know what to do. I don’t want this to drag on.

hey there,

first of all, omg???? i’m sorry that happened to you, that seems like some emotional damage.

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second, to answer your question. to be honest, the best thing i can tell you is that you should probably go see your registrar about this. book an appointment with an academic advisor there. it will be super helpful because:

  1. they are professionals and have lots of experience with this
  2. they can provide you with strategies, resources, and support
  3. they can’t use anything you say against you!!
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you can also consult UofT’s downtown legal services clinic for free legal advice during this—they have experience advising students on academic offence cases.

so you’ve said that your case has already gone to the chair, which is “Level 2” of the academic offence process. at this point, what happens next depends on when you admit to the offence (i don’t know if you’ve done that yet). because if you don’t admit to it, your case can go further up to the dean or the tribunal. if you’re worried about what might happen to you, don’t worry, you shouldn’t be suspended or have any serious sanctions, since your assignment was only 5%. a possible consequence for assignments worth less than 10% is receiving a mark of zero for the assignment. also, showing remorse for the offence can have an impact on the sanctions you receive.

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