my grades are sinkin’ like Venice

Hello!I’m currently in the middle of my third year at UBC, and my grades are sinking dangerously low. I’ve had a B average before, but now it’s sunk
down to a B-. I’m a psychology major, and I’ve made up my mind that I desperately want to get into grad school (gunning for UofT). Do you think that if I take on an extra year, I could raise my GPA sufficiently for a chance?Sincerely,


Yo yo ML,

It really depends on the program you are applying to (psychology??). My suggestion would be to contact the department you are applying to and see what their requirements are. Sometimes they look at just your CGPA of your last two years. Its up to the departments discretion as to whether or not a year as a non-degree student counts.

Now, it if they look at your entire CGPA, it might just average out in your favour in the remaining time you have in your 4 years.

forever warm and fuzzy with coffee,


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