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Grade 12 is comming right around the corner and I am very excited to be applying at U of T Rotmans Commerce! I was wondering what would be the “safe” percentage I would need to have to beable to get into Rotmans. My EC’s are decent but I would like to have a number that I can be aiming for. Also, as a BC student what does a rolling basis mean? And If/when I get accepted what are the usual conditional requirements I need to keep to beable to secure my spot at Rotmans?

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Hey there,

The thing is there is never ever an actual number to be publicly posted. Why? Because the average needed always changes depending on the amount students who apply. But I can tell you that more often than not, the average you’ll need for acceptance into the Rotman Commerce program is somewhere around the high 80s. As for your extra curriculars, again, there is no specific number, but on the supplementary application overview, they do clearly state their preference for involvement, whether through volunteer work, club membership, student government, sports, and so on.

Now acceptance on a rolling basis usually applies to students who are out of province. Essentially, this means that there’s no set date on when you?ll receive any response from the university. But this does mean that the sooner you apply, the sooner you?ll get some sort of answer, although that will still probably come around April or May.

But when you do get acceptance, just maintain your good grades. Better yet, try to boost them! The university does have the right to retract offers if a student’s grades fall significantly.

Good luck!


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