calculus is driving me crazy

Hi aska,

I just got my MAT136 midterm back – I got 57! It is worth 30 percent of the mark, while 65 percent is the final exam. What should I do? I’m already taking a summer course!



Well, think of it this way: you’re not failing right?

Sure, a 57 sucks, but here let me tell you what — I literally failed my first midterm of university. It was worth 30% of my grade like yours and I went into it with a mindset of “I’ve got this” and then bam! Failure! A 57 isn’t the prettiest grade of course, but you still have a chance to pull that up with your final exam. I mean 65% really allows you to make or break this course, right?

You can always get some help from one of the Math Aid Centres or try some peer tutoring, but if you still don’t feel confident in yourself, make sure to drop the course by March 10 to avoid any record on your transcript or academic penalty.

I say stay in the course and work your butt off, personally. I’d hate to have to retake something I’ve already invested two months in, you know?



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