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suffering through a 62

So basically I wanted to apply to Sociology or Criminology which requires a 63 in socio101, but I happened to get a 62…
Realistically what are the chances that I get in?



What calendar were you reading?? For sociology, you need at least a 65. And for criminology, you need at least a 70 average between 2.0 FCE in SOC and some other categories like ECO, PSY, and PHL.

To be honest, with a 62 I don’t think you’ll be able to get into criminology unless you have a pretty fabulous grade in, say, ECO100Y, to boost your average. As much as criminology calls for just a 70, it’s a competitive program and you should at least try to get higher than that. As for sociology… I’d like to say that requirements are usually pretty rigid — so if you don’t meet the 65 they ask for, then you have to wait until you get the 65 they ask for. BUT, there’s always that “oh, just appeal to the department” option sooo.

HOWEVER, sociology clearly states in the calendar that just having the asked for grade might not be enough, so don’t get your hopes too high.

But yeah, I took SOC101Y myself many moons ago and bam, 67. Let me tell you what, I hated that class with the fire of a thousand burning suns. Power to you for getting through it and then deciding sociology is what you wanted to be in. 🙂



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