last minute decisions lead to last spots on the waitlist

I enrolled into MAT133Y and soon after found out that I need MAT135/136 instead. I am currently enrolled in MAT133 but waitlisted for MAT135/136 at the same time. I know that they are exclusions of each other so I’m wondering if ROSI will give me the option of choosing which one to stick with once I’m approved for all my choices. AAAND do you think there is a chance for me to get into MAT135/136. I am 4th for 135 and 47th for 136… and would they give me preference over other ppl since I require MAT 135/136?


Hey hey

The sometimes helpful thing about ROSI is that it doesn’t recognize exclusions. The conveniently helpful thing about the Math Department is that they don’t really pay much attention to exclusions either. 😉

(Or, at least, that’s what the word on the streets is.)

Anyhow, don’t worry if you’re in MAT133Y and suddenly get into MAT135H/136H. Naturally, of course, just make sure you drop 133Y once you get into the other ones. But yeah, ROSI won’t kick you out of one or the other.

As for your waitlists…

I’d say you’re in a great place for MAT135H. You may very well get in before class starts, but if not, I’m sure that at least four people will drop it after the first lecture.

Now with MAT136H. Yeah. No. Not the best spot on the waitlist.

You’re not going to get any preference though just because it’s a prerequisite for something you need in the future. MAT136H is a prerequisite for a lot of people. Maybe consider some other lecture sections? Maybe an equivalent at another campus?

Anyhow, I can’t think of place to incorporate a stupid picture into this post, so take this and prosper.



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