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Breadth requirements *shivers*


First of all, love the Game of Thrones reference on your ask page!

Now to my question. I’ve heard from a U of T alumnus that any student must take a math or science course in first year even if he or she is 120% sure his/her major and future career will have nothing to do with either. Is that true?



hey there,

thanks, man! Just for you, I’m gonna make this post GoT themed. Catering to your personal tastes and stuff, yeah. Aska’s like that.

Now, as to your question, the idea of forcibly making everyone take a math/science course seems like some kind of dystopian fantasy, and is fortunately not true. If you’re coming in to the faculty of arts and science, which you almost certainly are, you need to fulfil breadth requirements, which are basically a certain number (no more than one or two) of courses that you need to complete in each of five categories to get your degree. One of these categories is called “the Physical and Mathematical Universes.” HOWEVER if you take 1.0 (that is, two semester’s worth – so one full-year or two half-year courses) courses in each of the other four categories, then you don’t have to take any in that fifth math one.

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to fulfil the breadth requirements in first year! So there is time to figure all this stuff out.

So don’t worry yourself friend – you can avoid math for now.


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