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Hi aska!
I’ve read through the numerous responses on exclusions and the like and I have one question that hasn’t been answered (unless it has been making my efforts seem one step short) and my question is, if I have 2 excluded courses, say MAT135/136 and I want to enrol in a subject PoST that requires the two (say, stats for example), will I even be able to because I’ve taken a previous first-year math.


hey there,

alright so basically you have one of two options. both require you to schlep over to the department of the POSt that you want to enrol in, unfortunately. BUTTT once you do, the department will either 1) say that your exclusion can sub in as a requirement for MAT135/6, or 2) that you have to take them, in which case you totally can, they’ll just be counted as an extra course. all an extra means is that it doesn’t count towards your degree (that is, the 20.0 credits you need to like, get a degree), but it counts towards your program and as a program requirement for any POSt/grad school/whatever you may want to enrol in.

i hope that makes sense!

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