you best take that mark and feel blessed

I’m currently a grade 12 student in Vaughan Ontario. I am taking Grade 12?University Advanced Functions. I’m currently at an 87, and am not pleased?with my mark. If I were to retake this course, what would be the?consequences?
I am interested in going into computer sciences.


hey there,

whoa there, son. an 87% is a good mark. most kids would cry for joy if they finished with an 87% in a first year math course, you know. i guess it’s like they say: you don’t?know what you’ve got ’til it’s?gone.

anyway, i’m assuming by the fact that it’s June and you’re talking about retaking a high school course that you’re going to be taking a victory lap? if you do,?you should know that calculus is a requirement for uoft comp. sci.?now?that is the course you should be focusing on. it’s required and it’ll definitely be included in calculating your admissions average. advanced functions is less important: it won’t be included?unless it’s?in your top 6 4U marks.

also, the school’s not so hot about repeated courses. so there’s really no good reason to repeat it.

plus, you’ve still got exams to bring your mark up! so SMASH?that?functions exam, and finish with the mark you’re hankering after – not just for the school, but also for you. because you’re a perfectionist.*



*to be fair, so am i. i reworded that punchline like twenty seven?times before settling on leaving it the way it was to start with, so.

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