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t card quest

I’m an incoming first year ! how and when would I get my tcard? how do I get a uoft email?



to get your t-card, you will have to go to the t-card office in the koffler centre (214 college street, the same building that the bookstore is in). to get your t-card, you will need to have proof of citizenship and photo id. 

you can get your t-card anytime that you’re on campus. i would suggest going a little before frosh week/ classes start because the lines can get crazy long during that time.

to get a u of t email, you need to get your t-card first. after that, you’ll be given a sheet with instructions on how to activate your u of t email. here’s a very brief outline. 

i hope this helps! looking forward to seeing you on campus in september!




getting swole thanks to incidental fees

Incoming student here. Does my Tcard give me access to the athletic centre or other on-campus gyms? Or do I have to pay for a membership?



your t-card gets you into all the gyms on campus- hart house, athletic centre, and goldring! memberships to these gyms are included in your tuition as compulsory incidental fees. once you get charged tuition on ACORN, you can check your invoice to see a breakdown of your incidental fees. as long as you are a student at u of t (and paying incidental fees) you will have access to those gyms!

hope this helps!

 dog running dogs gym exercise GIF




no ID frosh week!!!1!!!1

Hi aska, For frosh week do I need my tcard? I have my ticket and everything but haven’t had a chance to pick up a tcard


nah. though you should get one as soon as you can, because it just makes stuff easier for going to libraries, using your meal plan (if you have one), getting TTC Student ID if you need it, etc.




not everything has to be at UTSG

I’m going to be a first year student at St George come September. I just wanted to know if I could get my tcard at the UTM campus since I live closer to it? Or do I have to lug my butt to downtown?


hey there,

looks like there is a UTM location! no Toronto traffic for you. lucky duck.



P.S. for some unknowable, godforsaken reason, they’ve wildly narrowed the number and combination of documents that can be used to obtain your TCard, so make sure to read this page carefully to make sure you’ve got everything you need.


who needs a credit card when you can have a tcard!

Hi there,

I am a first-year student that will be studying at the St. George Campus come September.

1. From the T-card website, regular office hours are 9-5 from Monday to Friday. Will they open for extra office hours from August 31 to September 1st to accommodate those who come from out of Ontario and move in to residences on September 1st?

2. I heard that meal plans are linked to t-cards. Basically, I am concerned that without a t-card, my meal plan cannot be activated and I won’t be able to get any food. Would I have to wait until September 3rd to get food from my meal plan?

3. If the t-card office sticks to their regular office hours, the problem is that I also signed up for orientation which begins at 9:00 and probably ends around 4:30. I have heard that there are usually long lines at the beginning of September to get t-cards. If I arrive at 4:30, will staff turn me away so that the office can close at 5pm, or will whoever lines up before 5pm get their t-cards regardless of how much time it takes to get the job done?

Thank you very much!


Heyo first-year

So prepare yourself for some not-the-greatest news:

1. Extra hours…. hmmmmm.

Personally, I’ve never heard of that happening, and I asked a few people and they say the same thing. Just assume that the hours will remain as they are, and if you’re reaaaaally bursting with curiosity, contact the TCard Office and ask them.

2. Okay so browsing through UeaT’s FAQ, they seem to be working on the basis that “no TCard, no Meal Plan” and say you need to use “acceptable methods of payments” instead.

Which, of course, it totally doable.

Most places on campus are open to some hard cash. Likewise, you can just… you know, get OFF campus and gallivant over to some random food places.

If you’re around St. George and Bloor, there’s this awesome grilled cheese place. I love the pulled pork grilled cheese. Mmmmmm. And if you’re around Spadina and Bloor, I say go to Pita Q and get a delicious shawarma. Or get a burrito down the street. Or get some fro-yo! Lots of places over there!

And then if you’re on the more southern part of Spadina… well, I vote indulge in some all you can eat sushi. Or maybe some pho. Or lemon chicken. Or mmmmm dim sum.

And if you’re closer to the south side of Queen’s Park, there’s a food court there too. Not my favourite place, admittedly, but if you can live off of Subway for a day or two, there’s one there.

And there’s also another Subway just across from the ROM if you’re in that area. But if you’re more in the Vic/St. Mike’s range, you can walk over to the Yorkville places. There’s this reasonably priced fairly decent sushi place on Charles St., and I quite like the 7 West Cafe there too. Like they have this “Diamonds and Pearls” cake that is to die for. It’s a layer of red velvet, then cheesecake, then red velvet, then cheesecake, and then some cream cheese frosting. DELICIOUS.

Anyhow, you’re definitely not bound by your meal plan, and even smaller, by your freaking TCard. Sure, it sucks that your Meal Plan may take a day or two to become accessible, but in the end it works out cuz bam — opportunities!

3. Getting your TCard doesn’t take that long. If I remember correctly, they basically glance at your acceptance letter, glance at your ID, take an unflattering photo of you, and then print in a couple of minutes.

Anyhow, I suppose if you come at 4:30 pm, they’ll help you, but I guess the latest they’d take someone is at like… 4:45 pm?

And really, if you’re that person who comes at 4:57 pm, I’d make sure I took the most hideous photo of you possible.

But if you look at their hours, you’ll see that they ARE open until 7:00 pm on Tuesday, so do go then. Most offices will have one day a week where they’re open a bit later than usual to accommodate people who can’t come during normal business hours.

So if you can’t make it by 4:45 pm, don’t be that asshole who comes right before closing.

Do the humane thing and come on Tuesday.




#selfie #pretty #nomakeup

I wonder when do we get out Tcard, is it when we are at the University? And when so we get our Tcard photo taken? Do we upload it ourself or we take it on spot as we go as for an issue of our Tcard????


Hey hey

You get your TCard whenever the heck you want, really. It’s always nice to get it in the summer and beat the early September rush, but you I do stress getting it asap if you can.

Your TCard also sets you up to fix start your utoronto email address and utor id.

So this means you’ll have to go to the TCard office on the second floor of Robarts Library to get your photo taken and get the process over with… a.k.a., no, you cannot use some cutesy selfie. 😉




mac tries to be more fancy with their student numbers

Dear Aska,

At McMaster where I’m at now, student numbers start with the year you enrolled in. (Mine starts with “06”.) I just got in U of T for a grad program and was given a student number that starts with “99” – what the heck?

I was “enrolled” in U of T for a high school thing (DEEP, not sure if it’s still a thing) in the summer of 2005, though I can’t remember if I was given a number then. Is that why my third number is “5”? But seriously, what is up with the “99”?




Hey Rosemary,

Are you worried about people finding out your age from your student number? Well have no fear because U of T student numbers don’t represent anything other than what student you are, so the person after you will be one number higher. I.e the first person would have just been “1”. This was actually a pretty big year for U of T because we used up all of our “999” numbers and had to add a digit.

Apparently U of T went the basic route of issuing student numbers in a numerical order.

cupcakes and zombies,



give me my tcard!


I flew in from Calgary and forgot to bring my letter of offer, is it still possible to get my Tcard? If so, what other documents do I need in substitution for the letter of offer? If not, can I obtain another copy of letter of offer from the university?



Don’t sweat it Em! If you print your ROSI class schedule, or something official with your student number on it, the Tcard office will know that you’re not a horrible user desperate to drain U of T of all its precious resources.

They are located on the second floor of Robarts library. If that doesn’t work, go to your college registrar and ask them to print you a letter of confirmation – standard practice for proving that you go to U of T. I feel like the ROSI class schedule should suffice just fine, though.

Smile pretty!

xoxo, Askastudent


get the party started!

Hey Aska,
I signed up for an event called, ‘ Get Started ‘.
I know that its an even for first years who require help picking courses
but, what else do we soon-to-be-first-years learn about? And how long is the
event? Andd, I heard that we get our UofT ID pictures taken as well, is it

Thanks a bunch !? 🙂


Boy those smiley emoticons get me right in the chest.

Is this the Innis academic orientation? Or another, obviously bargain basement imitation? (Just kidding.) Basically these events are all about teaching first year students how to read the timetable, explaining what courses are suggested for Commerce, Science, and Humanities Streams, explaining the breadth requirements and stuff like financial planning for school and OSAP…all culminating in a wicked barbecue with other students and a chance to tour the college and the residence.

Sound like a blast? Well, somewhat. What’s good about these events is that it does give you a chance to meet other students going into your year and older, wiser, current ones. You can meet some of the faculty of your college and hear war stories about course selection and get all psyched for frosh week – if you want. So it’s an incredibly handy session to prepare you for choosing classes and meeting some people who can ease your addled minds.

If you have proof of enrollment (i.e. the letter U of T sent you when they accepted you into the institution), then you can visit the T Card office and get your T Card! You can also get your T Card during the first week of classes.

xoxo, Askastudent



Dear Aska,
I just graduated high school and am headed to St. Mike’s in the fall. I was just wondering, since I’ll need to pick my courses soon, where do I get my student number and pin? Is it the same one I’ve been using to apple and send in my PSE? or do I need my Tcard to get all my info to enrol? thanks alot


I don’t know what numbers you’ve been using to “apple” – but you can keep your fetishes to yourself. (McIntosh or Granny Smith?? No no, I don’t want to know!)

Grab your Offer of Admission letter. Look at the top right. Find your “applicant number.” As soon as you accepted your offer of admission to U of T online, this 9-digit number instantly became your “student number.” If you lost this letter or threw it out… then you’re an idiot. Kidding. Mistakes happen. You’ll have to go to your College Registrar’s office to fill out a TCard form.

I assume that you are asking about your PIN because you want to log-in to the Student Web Service (who goes by the name ROSI – pronounced “Rosey”) for the first time. By default, your PIN is your year/month/day of birth in YYMMDD fashion. Get it? The first time you’re in you’ll get to change the password to whatever you want. You will also have to create some questions as backups if you ever forget your PIN.

Third, you not need your TCard to enroll in courses. In fact, most students won’t pick up their TCards until September – when an ever-growing queue will snake across the entire second floor of Robarts Library. Try to avoid that. Go here if you can to pick it up. Bring your Offer letter and photo ID with you (or the completed TCard form). You will then be able to get your webmail going. Woo!

Always keep your TCard on you, don’t ever lend it to someone, and don’t lose it or you’ll have to pay to get another. Same goes for retaking the photo if you think your hair looks like crap in it – seriously though – it won’t get any better.

Well, that was all pretty dull – let’s make this interesting.

The student number is a funny thing. In more than one way it will dominate your identity while you’re at U of T.

Considering that there are over 70 000 students at U of T – a good 90% of whom share the names Mike, Chris, Matt, Jessica, Ashley and Amanda – it just make administrative sense to assign you an individual identifier. Many U of T students complain that their student numbers totally supplant their actual names. I won’t entirely disagree, but I will argue that it’s not ALL that bad.

For one, your student number is all yours. It = you, and you alone. It’s like your fingerprint, and don’t we all get excited about our fingerprints?!? You will memorize your number by October (if you haven’t already), and will retain it throughout your prunes and your depends years.

Also, the student numbers of each annual cohort typically have a common 3rd number (right now it’s 997…….). This is a subtle means of generating solidarity amongst you and your peers. It also becomes grounds to assert your superiority over newer students. Don’t believe me? Listen carefully around campus and you’ll hear this patronizing comment: “Oh how cuuute!! Your student number is 997! Mine’s 994.” But, can you blame us?! That is the U of T equivalent of war wounds, really.

Caution: if you see any 989’s around – tread lightly. A decade under U of T pressure can invoke permanent damage.

Seriously though, if you are ever corresponding with U of T admin, provide BOTH your names and your student number. I swear that some Registrar’s Offices do care to match a face to a name. Also, don’t advertise your student number around town. It is a pretty private identifier (e.g. used for grade postings on random Sid Smith walls).

Who wants to kill a couple hours???? Check out this site. I’m dying over here!! Make sure you read the oldies (circa 1900) – it’s great for naming pets. And what’s with all the recent names that have slight variations on standard spelling. Why put a boring old “i” when it could be a “y,” right? Annoying.


give me a free (gross) sandwich

I have a surplus balance on my Tcard for the meal plan at University college (university of toronto). Is there someone who wants some money to eat at the uni cafe? If yes please let me know. If not , what can i do with this extra , i am sure i cant get it refunded. thanks


t-cards make the vorld go avound, the vorld go aound, they make the world go vound! oh, they make they make the vorld go vound

I understand that we can start to get U of T card starting from June 17, but don’t we have to bring in anything, ie. a letter from U of T to prove that we have officially accepted U of T and U of T has officially accepted us?



e-t-cards, the wave of the future…

I am an American and i have found out that T-cards are available on June 17th. Do I have to be in Toronto to recieve the card or can I register or do whatever it is I need to do in order to get my T-Card online and have it mailed to me? Can i pick it up over the summer? Sigh…
a slightly confused little american


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