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alright fools, listen up: something is HAPPENING on june 22nd. something BIG. something BESIDES you skipping work “because it’s a monday and what is even the point of it all?”

our beloved ROSI is being phased out and replaced by a newer, better system! *blows party blower*

how does it feel, huh, ROSI? to be the old, abandoned gal? how does it feel that you’re leaving and half of us still don’t know how to pronounce your name properly? how does it feel knowing that your limited capabilities won’t be missed?

sorry, ROSI. i didn’t mean to make you cry. tuck your head into my lapel. there, there.

so who’s ROSI going to be replaced by? well, it’s the new, the shiny, the everyone-is-going-crazy-about-her ACORN! ACORN is more functional (and easier to pronounce). she’s the hottest babe in town.

you’ll be able to login to ACORN on june 22nd – and we urge you to take her for a spin – but it’ll still be a little while since ROSI is phased out completely, so not to worry. you’ll still have time to say your goodbyes.

and try not to be too torn up about it – at its core, the system will remain the same SWS (student web service) that it was before. ACORN will be like the new casing for the same old stuff. in other words, it’ll still do all the same things – show you your fees, let you enrol in courses, etc. – but it’ll just let you do it better.

if you’d like to know MORE about ACORN, you can take a look here, and keep an eye on FAStanswers for more information.




ROSI isn’t magic

Hey there!

So I’m planning out my courses for Fall 2015, trying to prepare for the impending bloodbath of Course Enrolment. There is a course I don’t meet all the prerequisites for that I wish to enrol in, and I have obtained permission from the professor to take it. His only concern was that when enrolment comes around I might be automatically be flagged by ROSI as not having the prerequisites and therefore not allowed to add the course, he wasn’t sure but wanted me to find out in case he needed to do anything on his end to let me in. Do you know if I will be automatically blocked by ROSI? Does it have some kind of self-monitoring system?

Thanks :)


hey there,

you already talked with a prof about a course you’re taking in Fall 2015? can’t you just…take the prerequisites…this year?

i’m gonna trust that you just made a typo and meant Fall 2014, but otherwise, this is an entirely different question. anticipating the bloodbath pretty far ahead, you know?

ROSI isn’t like, a sentient creature, though it seems to have enough hang-ups and tantrums to qualify as one. it doesn’t know automatically if you meet the prereqs for a course. so you’ll be able to enrol in the course, but the department that administers it has total discretion to kick you to the curb at any time if you don’t meet the prereqs – usually near the beginning of the semester.

since the department’s staff are the ones who pull people from courses, they need to know who gets a free pass. i would go talk to the department that runs the course as soon as possible, preferably with a letter from the prof explaining why you’ve been allowed into the course. if they approve it, then you should be able to enrol in and stay enrolled in the course, no problem.





learning the ancient tongue of ROSI

Im entering my second year at uoft and I applied for criminology and   equity studies. On ROSI it shows that I have requested to be in criminology but on the home page it says I’m invited so Im confused about how do I accept the invitation when it does show me where. And for equity studies its open but it says the session date is summer 2014 and I have been financially cancelled. Also my course enrolment is open but won’t let me enter courses.


hey there,

in a rare and surprising turn of events, your concern is actually not a concern at all! ROSI uses pretty confusing terminology at times, but for you – lucky you – everything is going as it should be.

if it says invited on the home page under Registration – Fall 2014 (and Winter 2015), that means you’re invited to continue your degree in the Fall, which is good. you do wanna keep going in the Fall, right?

being invited to a subject POSt is a separate thing. the results for type 2 and 3 POSts shouldn’t be out until july 2nd, so it should still say requested for criminology. go back and check again under the ‘subject POSts’ tag on july 2nd – if you’re invited, there’ll be a button to accept. easy-peasy!

the current session is Summer 2014, so if you’re financially cancelled, that just means you don’t have to pay any registration fees and whatnot for the summer. if you’re not taking any summer courses, that’s what it should say.

since equity studies is a type 1 POSt, you should have been just automatically enrolled in the subject POSt. it should say ‘active’ for equity studies under the ‘subject POSts’ tab on your ROSI.

and course enrollment for Fall 2014/Winter 2015 hasn’t started yet, so that would make sense. while you wait, take this opportunity to rest up and gather your strength before the bloodthirsty warfare that is course enrolment begins.




ROSI has your mental health in mind

so far I’ve applied for two 2L majors, two type 1 majors, and one type 1 minor. rosi wont let me add any more majors or minors. whyy!?



hey there,

because ROSI limits you to three subject POSTs, of which only two can be majors or specialists. if you’re currently enrolled in three type 1 POSts, then that’s it! no more POSts for you. when/if the time comes to accept an invitation to a 2L major – or two – you’ll have to drop the equivalent number of type 1 majors to be within the limit.

i know you probably want to learn about so many things in the world, and your dedication to the pursuit of knowledge is inspiring, but at a certain point, you just gotta read about some things on wikipedia. it’s great fun, trust me.

have fun exploring the information mines of the internet!



ROSI shenanigans

I’m a full-time student who just finished my first year and I noticed that on ROSI, where it says that I am invited for the 2014 Fall/2015 Winter session, it says part-time even though I was full-time over this school year and I’m registered full-time right now for the summer. Should I be worried or is ROSI just being silly?


hey there,

there could literally be so many reasons for this that i don’t even know where to begin. i’m answering this a little late, so if it’s still showing that you’re part-time, i’d just go to…yep, you guessed it…your college registrar’s office! ask them about it and they can go onto your ROSI and see exactly what the issue is.

*whistles quietly* if there’s something strange in your student account *whistling increases in volume* who you gonna call (your college registrar!) *begins singing at full volume* if it’s something weird and it don’t look good *yells at the TOP OF MY LUNGS* WHO YOU GONNA CALL?? (YOUR COLLEGE REGISTRAR!!!11!1!)

pop culture references, yeah. being relevant and down with the kids. whoo. awesome. hippity-hop.





aska reporting for duty at oh nine hundred hours!

Hello!I think the ROSI times are messed up. I have to enroll tomorrow at 12:15 but ROSI is only open tomorrow at 6am-11:45pm?? Which time do i actually enroll? I tried to contact them a few days ago and got no response.


Hey hey

Okay so I got your email on Sunday, meaning you think your enrolment is today but…

Well, there is no course enrolment today.

So I’m going to just go ahead and assume you’re going into second year and that you’re actually waiting for July 24?

Anyway, ROSI assigns start times based on a 24-hour clock. So if you were given 12:15, that means your start time is 15 minutes past noon. Make sense now?




rosi is just misunderstood

Hi there,

I’m currently enrolled in a double major at UofT. I looked over my courses and see that some courses over lap the required courses for two other minors. If I just complete a few more courses, I could fulfill the two other minors. Yah! But apparently, ROSI will not allow you to add anything more than two majors or a specialist. It seems like ROSI is never in my favor. Is there a way to add one or two minors? Will my registrar add more?

Thanks in advance!


Hey hey

This is one of the times ROSI actually holds up the stop sign. Did you know you can go into an exclusion of a course or a course without having its prereq? ROSI is actually pretty damn lenient. It even lets you stay in overlapping courses all the way until the end of the course. ROSI likes to let you do things like that so it can laugh at you when half way through the course, you get kicked out of it or something by the program.

Anyhow, you’re allowed to be active in three POSts, but only two of them can be a major and/or specialist.

If you want an additional minor, you can ask the department to write you a fancy letter stating you’ve completed their requirements.




enrolment errors and other common situations


I will be asking the registrar for advice regarding my issue but I figure I might as well ask here too in case you may have encountered this same issue, and in the very least, maybe this will serve to aid any one else who encounters this issue.

I am going into my second year however I only have the credits to be considered a first year. Which is fine. But I am taking 1.5 credits this summer, which would place me into the second year category come September. This is again as expected. The issue I am running into is however the school emailed me with my enrolment time, and stated that based on the fact that I will have the credits to be considered second year, that I will be enrolling at the same time as students with 4.0-8.5 credits.

Then comes the day and I have all my course codes ready. I punch the very first one in and am given the message “you do not fit in any enrolment category”. After a bit of searching I discovered that at least for most people this is because they either lack the necessary amount of credits, or because their subject posts are incorrect and are barred from registering into new courses. But this is where my confusion comes from.

1. I have a major, and two minors. All are ‘active’. But since I have 3.0 credits I did not believe this would be an issue, but to be sure, I had them declared nonetheless.

2. The courses I am choosing are second year, not third or fourth. Why would they allow me to enrol for courses if I did not have the right amount?

3. I even tried picking up a few first year courses, just as a test, and I received the same message.

I have no debt with the University, my entire first year completely paid off as well as my summer courses. I was a full time student. I intend to be again. My status on ROSI is ‘invited’. As far as I can tell I should be able to pick my courses and yet I cannot even pick up a first year course. This does not appear to be a global issue because someone I know was able to pick their courses just fine.

I’m at a loss. Hopefully you can help me in this.

Thank you for the time.


Hey hey

Yeaaah your situation is quite confusing.

The end result is that you’re going to have to talk to the registrar’s office at UTM so that they can delve into the kinks of the matter, but here are some possibilities I can propose…

1. Your extra summer courses (that 1.5 FCE) are from a different university. If that’s the case, they might just not be getting put into the credit count by ROSI.

2. You’re just having bad luck with the enrolment controls. For example, although you’re trying with 100-level courses, those usually give priority to incoming students and fourth/fifth year students.

3. You’re not meeting prerequisites. Sometimes you just need 4.0 FCE. Look for a course that seems to be pretty fair game for now.

Annnnnnd that’s all I’ve got.




and for once, the fault does not fall on rosi

Hi, I just wondering how to delete the subject post. I entrolled Applied Statistics ,which is a specialist in 2012 summer.   But, now I want to change the subject post.  Every time I delete or change the subject post. It shows an error. Just like this:

A problem was encountered and details are as follows:
6703 – Subject POSt is not eligible for WEB enrolment

So, how to delete this subject post?



Okay so this whole stats not being particularly friendly on ROSI pickle has actually been a bit of a thing for the past few weeks. I had someone come in three times in utter confusion over why she couldn’t change her stats minor to a major, but apparently a lot of people have been having these sorts of problems.

However, no fear, for a little birdie has told me that stats has resolved their problem, so you SHOULD be able to delete your POSt now.

If you’re still stuck though, let me know!

love the sunshine,


the trouble with time

thank you for everyones questions that you’ve been answering it’s helped me a lot top and thanks in advance for your response.

I am a newly admitted student for life sciences at smc along with 3 other friends one in smc also and the other in woodsworth and the last one in a different program(not sure which). so lets call them friend a, b, c respectively my problem is if we all different start times and mine is the last. a has 3pm, b has 3:15, c has 7:00am!!! I’m extremely jealous and confused as to why it is different even tho we have the same amount of credits, same program and same college even :(

please help



Welcome to U of T!

And even better, welcome to four wonderful years of ROSI. Now normally your start time on ROSI is determined by the number of credits you have and just how close you are to graduation. However, since first year students don’t have any credits, their start times are determined by their admission streams, beginning with humanities, moving onto social sciences, and eventually ending with the sciences.

Now don’t freak out! While someone in life sciences may log in around 5:10 PM and a humanities student will get on ROSI by 7:00 AM, you will certainly have priority in the courses of your stream.

These particular ROSI-oriented facts aren’t widely advertised, unfortunately. I actually had to resort to my ROSI guy to figure this out for you. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope you managed to get into your courses this year.




je suis confus

Hey Aska,

Two years ago I took FSL121Y1 and then last year I continued with french and took FSL221Y1. Now When I look at degree navigator, it for some reason does not count FSL221Y1 as part of my 20 courses because it says that it is an exclusion to FSL121. If the course does not count I won’t be able to graduate this year since I will be short one course. It however, makes no sense because you need to take FSL121 in order to be able to enrol in FSL221.

Thanks for your help,

Sooo confused.


Hey confused!

That’s super wack! And rightfully unnerving. But don’t worry, it ain’t you, it ain’t me, it’s the degree navigator. FSL121Y1 is only an exclusion if you’ve taken FSL221Y1 first, but not the other way around (logically). Unfortunately, one of the degree navigator’s most prominent glitches is that it can’t always recognize chronology, and so it’s giving you a false alarm because it doesn’t know the order in which you took those courses.

When time comes to request graduation, you should be fine. But if you’re worried, shoot an email to the French Department just to confirm.

Bonne chance!



rosi round the clock

WHY WOULD ROSI NEED HOURS?? For god sakes.  If it’s available on the Internet why can you only access SWS during their “hours of operation” like it’s a brick and mortar business.  This information would be available anytime in any other university with a website similiar to this.   Argghh.

I just need to find out if I got my first choice elective or if they went with my second/third/fourth choice.  Need to decide if I can register for this other course  that’s taking place at another school in their continuing education department.   It’s scheduled the same time/day as this first choice elective that I don’t even know I’m taking because ROSI is down.



First off, deep breaths, you’ll work it out, I promise. Probably have by now, actually, since ROSI is open for students as we speak :)

In answer to your question: Despite seeming like a magical, mysterious energy network which floats through the air, internet technologies do depend on real hardware to function. And while it might not actually be a “series of tubes”, that hardware does have a limit to its capacity. ROSI doesn’t just go home to her family and kids between hours of operation. Rather, she spends all night slaving away to process the stuff that she had to take on during the day, as well as add new data and undergo maintenance. If the software were to attempt to simultaneously let students register and process all her data, she would glitch up and shut down way more often, and you’d probably be even more frustrated!

And even if she weren’t at work 24/7, can’t a girl take a night off once in a while to kick back with some Golden Girls and Ben & Jerry’s? Sheesh!

Good luck!



wait me up before you go go


I am a polisci major and i need a canadian politics course, it’s part of the requirement. However my course registration started when I had to be at  work , where i normally don’t have acess to computers, so I had to borrow it from somebody else… i was in a rush to give it back because i was interupting thier work.. long story short in my rush I entered the wrong course code , signing up for us politics instead of canadian and it was two weeks before i caught my mistake. by the time i dropped the us poltics and signed up for the canadian politics i was 36 on the waitlist of 250. now i moved up to 14 but with only 5 days left for waitlists to dropp what are my chances of getting in before
than? thanks



Hi Harini,

Girl, I feel you on this one! At my lowest of lows, I was doing course registrations on a borrowed cell phone, stealing wi-fi from the Whitney Museum of Art seven hours after my start time. On another occasion, I dropped the wrong course because two of my course titles contained amphersands (thanks, Literary Studies, for the worst course titles ever). What I’m saying is, we’ve all got stories like yours, and we’ve all felt pretty hopeless about our waitlist position.

I seem to have misplaced my crystal ball today, so I can only surmise about your chances of getting into the course. Like you said, waiting lists drop away on September 16th this year, and 14 spaces is a good bit to move before that happens. However, I’ve heard of much dimmer prospects coming through, so it really could happen!  If you’re still not enrolled after the waitlists drop, watch ROSI like a hawk and jump on that space when it inevitably opens up- that’s also been done! Here’s everything you’ve ever wanted to know about waitlists, minus whether you’ll actually get off of one.

Additionally, it’s really a great idea to go to the first day of class, introduce yourself to the professor and get his or her email address. Unfortunately, profs are pretty helpless when it comes to getting you into the class, no matter how much they like you. Still, it’s important that if you do get in, you’ve already had access to readings and lectures you might have missed. I also feel like you get some kind of karmic priority by being a goodie two-shoes like that.

Good luck, and remember that you can always take the course the next time it’s offered, at which time you’ll have more credits and a better shot at getting in. And remember, you’re not the only one suffering from this same issue! Solidarity forever!


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