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lists on lists

Hi I have a question regarding the dean’s list. I am currently going into my 5th year and will be completing more than 20 credits. Will I still be considered for the deans list after my 20th credit at the end of my 5th year? And does the same rule apply for the honours list?

Kind regards


hey there,

the last time you’re considered for the dean’s list is after you complete 20.0 credits. after that (at 25.0 credits, for example), you’re no longer considered. after that, you drop off the face of the uoft planet, left to fend for yourself, scared and alone, like all the rest of us who are finishing our undergrads. or is that just how i feel? ha ha h a.

life crises aside, i wouldn’t worry too much about the dean’s list. it really doesn’t mean much, or at least not as much as that CGPA printed on your transcript. you want grad schools and employers to be impressed with you? your transcript and resume will probably be much more meaningful than a dean’s list, which means so many different things at different schools that your employer is likely to ignore it largely, anyway.

i was about to give a really snarky response about how the honours list isn’t a thing and how you really shouldn’t MAKE STUFF UP just because it sounds good. then i realized that, in fact, UTSC actually does have an honours list, which just makes me look really silly. however, the rules for the honours list seem to be the same as for the dean’s list: after 20.0 credits, you are no longer considered.

that doesn’t mean that you’re not still SUPER COOL.




we all need a little pick-me-up

Hellooo aska,

I was wondering if you knew when the university sends out those Dean’s List certificate things? My GPA is higher now than when I’ve gotten it before, and I think it used to be sent earlier in October (for those of us who earned our 5th, 10th, etc. credit over the summer). I’d appreciate that piece of paper right about now (for the sake of my present level of self-esteem). Thanks for your help.


hey there,

i understand the need for motivation. with at least one paper due a week ’til pretty much the end of term, i’m considering opening a boutique fortune-telling shop on College instead of finishing the semester. there’s this really perfect 24/7 neon sign at a second-hand shop i’ve been eyeing that would be just perfect.

unfortunately, the dean’s list certificates are only sent out once a year, in July. that means that you’ll have to wait ’til the summer to get yours.

until then, i’d recommend brownies-in-a-mug and reruns of Parks & Rec to keep your spirits up until the end of term. also, those stellar marks are available on your transcript – just open ACORN and gaze at yours for a pick-me-up if you really need it.

best of luck,



#UTM #dean’s list ok this better come up on google now

Hi, Is there a dean’s list for UTM? I have a 3.5+ gpa after finishing first year (5.0 credits) but heard nothing about the “dean’s list”. Is it a UTSG thing only?


hey there,

nope, it definitely exists for UTM too. hang tight, though – as far as i know, St. George students haven’t received their Dean’s List letters yet either, so you might hear about yours later on in the summer.




i mean the dean’s list is cool and all but don’t cry over it

Hello, for the dean’s list is it 5 courses or 5 credits that you have to take? I took 4.5 credits with 6 courses with 4.0 GPA so would I qualify? Thanks


hey there,

you’re considered for the dean’s list at the end of every session where you complete your fifth, tenth or fifteenth credits, so if you only have 4.5 at this point, you wouldn’t be considered.

HOWEVER, you would be considered in the NEXT session that you passed the 5.0 credit mark- not to fear.

(also, it’s literally just a piece of paper, so i really wouldn’t get my liederhosen in a twist about not getting it right away. as long as you’re doing well for you, that’s all that matters).




i can’t believe you did well in first year i mean who does that

Hello! I transferred “internally” from UTM to to UTSG (A&S) after 1st year. I’m almost done 3rd year but am wondering whether or not I can graduate w/ “high distinction’ (cGPA greater than 3.5) or be on the Dean’s list b/c my cGPA differs depending on whether my first year GPA is included. So, will my (good) 1st year GPA (from UTM) be included in the calculations for cGPA (like on ROSI), so I can graduate w/ high distinction? If not, I might not be able to graduate w/ high distinction. Thanks!


hey there,

if you are a uoft student and you transfer to a different uoft campus, your marks from the other uoft campus will be included on your transcript. i guess that’s just a quirk of the tri-campus system.

so yes, your first year will be included in your CGPA calculation. whoo!

enjoy buying outrageous frames for your high distinction certificate,



why people care about the dean’s list: a brief psychoanalysis

I’ve been seeing all these posts about the Dean’s list, but what is it for exactly? I mean, there’s no monetary compensation, I don’t get anything cool out of it except for a piece of (useless) paper, and I can’t really do anything with it.


hey there,

well now, the dean’s list is not completely useless. it can be used as scrap paper. it can be used to make a paper airplane. if you get a lot of them, you could make a whole fleet.

for some people, it also has less physically practical uses like improving their self-worth, making them feel proud of their (often very difficult to achieve) accomplishments, and motivating them to continue working hard on their academics. after all, not everyone gets on the dean’s list, and it’s nice to feel that the university appreciates your hard work. plus, it’s great to put on your resume.

but, you know, what’s that compared to a real-life, well-constructed paper airplane made from sturdy card paper fresh from the university? not much, without monetary compensation. not much.



craving the dean’s approval


I was just wondering whether the the deans lost looks at the cumulative GPA achieved for one single full year (September to April), or is it the cumulative GPA that you’ve accumulated for your whole undergraduate years? Like for example lets say my cGPA is 2.5, but my cGPA for one year was a 4.0, does my name go on the deans list for that year??



hey there,

you’re assessed for the dean’s list “at the end of the Fall-winter or Summer Session in which the fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth course taken for Faculty of Arts & Science degree credit, has been passed.

the designation is based on CGPA, not AGPA. by definition, the CGPA is the average GPA of all the credits you’ve taken to date (not including transfer credits, courses outside the faculty, or extra courses, which do not count for degree credit).

the ‘CGPA for one year’ is just your AGPA (annual GPA). unless the year you got a 4.0 was your first year, you wouldn’t be on the dean’s list for that year. also, they usually notify you in late july if you have made the dean’s list, so not to worry – if you get on it, you’ll know.




dean’s list dreaming

Hey Aska,

I finished my first year with a 3.53 GPA and I took 5 credits but the problem is I Credit/No Credited two 0.5 courses (Both were astronomy) so does that mean I don’t qualify for Dean’s List? Technically speaking I completed five credits but the 3.53 is not a culmination of the five credits it is really just a culmination of 4 credits.

Please let me know!


hey there,

well, putting aside the fact that we should all start focusing less on formal recognition of our achievements that just make us more submissive to the daily grind and try and find intrinsic motivators for success, i think you might just be in luck.

according to the calendar, “[t]his designation is given to degree students in the Faculty having a Cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.50 or higher, at the end of the Fall-winter or Summer Session in which the fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth course taken for Faculty of Arts & Science degree credit, has been passed.” credit/no-credit courses count for degree credit, and they don’t specify that the CGPA has to be an average of every course you’ve taken, so i’m gonna say yes.

if the dean’s list comes around and you find you’re not on it and you think you should be, you can definitely contact your college registrar for further information, but i think you just might find yourself on that magical piece of paper very soon!

cheers chum,



dean’s list, IRON FIST

Hi Aska,
I have this little personal goal of making deans list this year (my second year). So far, I’m looking good GPA wise, but I have a question of timeline.
I know that deans list is calculated at the end of winter and summer semesters at the end of your 5, 10,15 and 20th credit (I think?). I wondering though if it has to be within one school year?
I took .5 credits last summer (the first .5 credit of my second year), and am enrolled in 4.5 credits this fall/winter.
If I drop down to 4 credits for fall and winter, and take another .5 THIS summer, will I still be eligible for deans list counting the .5 from last summer (5 credits total spanning 2 summer semesters and this fall/winter)?
I may have made this sound more confusing then it needed to be…. Sorry…. I hope it makes sense and thank you!

Dean Machine



good job on that admirable goal, friend. it’s a very tough one. you must rule your life with an IRON FIST. on the contrary, my goal for this year is to wake up on time and not have to run for the train in the morning. so. i guess that just shows the difference between you and me.

you’ll be considered after you reach 5 credits, no matter what the timeline is on that. so if you pass 5.0 credits this summer session, then that’s when you’ll be considered!

good luck to you. i hope you reach your goal…and i hope i reach mine.

stay cool,



a dire desire for the dean’s list

Dear Aska,

I finished 1st year with 4.5 credits and a 3.58 GPA. I eat, sleep, and only think about getting on the Dean’s List. Since I won’t be considered now (as it requires 5 credits) is there still a chance for the summer session? I’m taking a 1 credit course now, and say I maintain my average, will I be on it for the end of the summer session?


Trying to get dhat paper.


Paper lover,

Seeing at your summer session is where you’ll earn your fifth credit, yes, if you meet the 3.5 requirement June or August, you’ll get to breathe the sweet scent of that dean’s list, as incredibly creepy as that may sound.

So make sure you maintain your average and you’ll get the sheet of your dreams!




so like being an A-student is like good… right?

First of all, what do you think of a 3.5GPA for a first year? Normally, do GPA’s fall progressively, or do they get higher – are courses harder/more work in the upper years?

And how do you get onto the Dean’s list? I have read the few posts you had on it, what does it mean by 5th, 12th credit, etc….? I only have 4.5 credits in the fall-winter session, but I’ll be taking a course in the summer. Am I no longer eligible, or does the Dean’s list also include the summer session as well? Eg. does it require that the courses must have been taking DURING the year, and not during the summer?

Also…I’m still a little confused about subject POSTs. If I take a chm139 course in the summer, which is a PREREQUISITE for lets say, biochemistry, and you apply for your subject post BEFORE summer school starts…does that mean I have to apply for biochem during the 2nd round of applications?

Thanks, you are so helpful! 😀



Obviously 3.5 is a good GPA. Come on dude. And falling GPAs are common, but rising ones are common too so there’s no real answer for you there about patterns. However one thing I can guarantee is that duuuuh upper year courses with require more work.

Now you’re put on the Dean’s List when you meet the required 3.5 CGPA in the session where you receive either your fifth, tenth, fifteenth, or twentieth credit. So in your case, since you’ve only finished 4.5 for the Fall/Winter session, you won’t be considered for the Dean’s List at the end of this year. But since you’ll be getting your fifth in summer, you’ll be considered for the Dean’s List in that session. Make sense? However, this is based on your CGPA, so make sure to maintain the grades this year since they’ll still be contributing to the consideration.

And lastly… Ah. Subject POSts. Well, I suppose at least it’s not another admissions question. But yeah, you’ll be applying during the second round.

Good luck!



dean’s list and sprinkles

Hey aska,

So apparently I have a CGPA that is eligible for dean’s list status. Just wondering when those fancy sheets of paper are mailed out: do I have to wait for the summer session to be over or would it be coming relatively soon now that marks have been finalized?

Peace and Sprinkles


Peace And Sprinkles!!

<Highfive> … no <high six> for getting awesome grades and having a wicked pseudonym.

This is the deal:

“Dean’s List
This designation is given to U of T degree students having a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.50 or higher, at the end of the Fall-Winter or Summer Session in which the fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth credit offered by the university has been passed.
The dean sends a letter of commendation to each student having achieved this level of performance. Students who satisfy these criteria but do not receive the letter at the end of the appropriate session should contact the Office of the Registrar. (Dean’s List letters are not issued at the end of the Fall Session.) ”

Depending on your credits you should receive it at the end of the Fall/Winter session … so … uh … now.

If you haven’t received it by now a mild panic should start and you should give your registrar a little shout.

mmm sprinkles

sprinkles and chocolate cupcakes,



a sheet of paper is so important

Hey aska! I’m a 2nd year student at UTSG. I have a question about Deans List – the not-so-useless Sheet of Paper. I found this on the UTM site and assume its the same for UTSG: Dean’s List
This designation is given to U of T Mississauga degree students having a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.50 or higher, at the end of the Fall-Winter or Summer Session in which the fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth credit offered by the university has been passed.
I finished with a 3.48 GPA after first year 5.0 credits, just missed getting the 3.50 GPA for Dean’s List – so rattling lol. I took a 0.5 credit in summer and completed two half credits last semester, so finally I now have a 3.50GPA with 6.5 credits, however, Deans list is only calculated again when I get my 10th credit. I have 3 full credits and 2 half credits to complete so at the end of the Winter term I will have 10.5 credits. When they calculate my GPA for Dean’s list will it be based off of all 10.5 credits or just 10credits (my current 6.5, the three full years and the better half year credit = 10, leaving the last half year credit as extra and have my standing not affect Dean’s List calculation but still count towards cumulative GPA).

Cheers.A Sheet of Paper is so Important


Hey A Sheet of Paper is so Important

Sweet name! It must have taken your parents ages to figure that one out … kidding … I’m sick, give me a break.

That same information is also in the Arts & Science Course Calendar. So, the same information applies for St.George as well. The way that it’s worded suggests that all the credits that are completed during and prior to the term that you complete your10th credit in… so technically it can be more than 10 … will be included.

Hope that’s more clear than Shrek’s shower water.

foreva and eva and eva, eva


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