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Hello! Are 300-level English courses considerably more difficult than 200-level English courses? I just finished my first year and I’d really like to take ENG353Y if some of the 200-level courses I’m interested are full. Thanks!


hey there,

the thing about first and second year is that the classes usually have tutorials where the lecture material is broken down in small groups. with tutorials, you get two passes at every lesson – one with the prof, one with the TA.

ENG353Y1, as you can see, doesn’t have any tutorials. in a class like that, you’ll be expected to be much more independent than in a 100- or 200-level course. your essays will be longer and more intensive, and there’ll be a higher level of quality expected as well.

that said, if you meet the prerequisites and you feel like you did really well in the first-year English courses you took, then who am i to say that you can’t do it? if you’re just thinking about taking one 300-level class, and you did very well in first year, it could be manageable.

contact the english department if you’d like to discuss this further with an expert, but that’s aska’s humble opinion. ((if you fail the class you can’t sue me.))

best of luck with your ambitions,


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