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Hey aska! YES, I do read your blog regularly hehehe~ I’m having trouble choosing courses for first year Life Sci, my main problem is Physics – I hate it (no offence to anyone). I cried through 2 years of A level Physics and even my parents don’t really want me to take it. BUT, I’ve heard it’s really important for upper year courses. I’m looking forward to a degree in ANYTHING Bio related. [[[[med maybe?]]]] So…exactly how vital is it that I take physics now? A little help please? Thanks!

Oh I forgot to mention one thing (this is the anon who hates Physics): I’m taking the Maths/Calculus courses, I don’t know if that makes a difference or not.


hey there,

A-level physics? i spy a brit in our midst! or one of the many vestiges of british education that still litter our post-colonial world. you know how it goes.

you could get by in an entire degree in life science without taking physics, and do quite well. there are definitely plenty of subject POSts which don’t require or emphasize physics – just browse the programs offered by cell & systems biology, human biology, cognitive science, and biology.

additionally, medical schools don’t typically require that you have any physics credits, per se. that said, the mcat does have a physics section. while most of it was probably covered in your A-levels, some people choose to take one or two first-year physics courses just to make sure they’re ready.

physics can enhance your understanding of calculus, and of some areas in chemistry. but i wouldn’t say it’s required.

HOWEVER, in order to make sure that not taking it won’t impact you down the line, i would sit down one day and draw up a schedule of all the courses you’d like to take during your degree. do any of them require or recommend physics? that can help you decide.

finally, if there are any programs you’re interested in, try contacting the department to see if you can talk to an undergraduate/program coordinator and ask for their opinion. they definitely know more about these things than little ol’ uneducated aska.



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