a little scholarship freak-out

Hellooo I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS btw im in grade 12 applying to utsg ok so basically i was reading the faqs page of the scholarships site and there was a president`s entrance scholarship that offers 2k. one of the requirements was to have a 92+ admission average INCLUDING PREREQUISITES. this last part is what i am confused about. i read about this same scholarship in my 2014-2015 viewbook that i picked up from my guidance office and it said NOTHING about prerequisite courses needing to be 92+ in order to be considered for this schoalrship. this is of concern to me because although I am pretty confident that my admission avg / top 4U courses will average to 92+, my top 3U courses do not average to 92+. this is mainly because of my grade 11 math mark which was an 81 – i got at least a 90 in all of my other grade 11 courses. i would hate it if my grade 11 math mark jeopardized my chances of getting such a great scholarship. please clarify as to whether prerequisite grade 11 courses need to average to 92+ or not, i`m confused because it doesn`t say so in the viewbook!!


hey there,

don’t get your lederhosen in a twist there, amigo. you’ve just had a little misunderstanding, that’s all.

they’re not talking about prereqs to grade 12 courses, they’re talking about your top 6 4U/M courses including prereqs for the stream you’re applying to.

so if you’re applying to life sci, for example, it’ll be your top 6 Grade 12 courses including grade 12 english, calculus, and whatever else your program may require (likely bio and chem). basically, they’re just referring to your admissions average.

no grade 11 courses. so don’t worry, it’s all gonna be okay.



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